Top 5 Fantasy Finds

I read “fantasy” as one of my absolute favorite genres probably because it is so close to medieval; but it’s often hard to find anything in it because it usually includes quite a bit of magic. (Read my thoughts on the issue here.) It’s very special for me to be able to recommend five non-magical (or at … More Top 5 Fantasy Finds

Hope Ann Interview

Join me in welcoming Hope Ann, author of the fantasy Song of the Sword! *cheers*  Hope, tell us a bit about yourself. Well, I’m a Christian writer with eight younger siblings. I live on a small farm in Indiana and, now that I’ve graduated, I help Mom homeschool some of the younger ones…including teaching them … More Hope Ann Interview

Plate Update: Princesses, Sandwiches, and Free Books

Remember that crazy picture of my ridiculously full plate I shared last month? Here’s an update on what I have and haven’t eaten–I mean, accomplished. 😉 Last month alone I… Beta-read: Grace Space by Robin Merrill (three stars) Growing Up Neighbors by Frances Hoelsema (two stars) Song of the Sword by Hope Ann (five stars, but you … More Plate Update: Princesses, Sandwiches, and Free Books