Meet My OTPs

The best books and movies are ones I think about days (or months, looking at you, Avengers: Endgame) afterward. Usually it’s noticing something new about the themes, a line of dialogue, or something as simple as a costume choice. Some of this is due to the communities I run in (nerdy Facebook groups, nerdy Goodreads … More Meet My OTPs

Excerpt Time!

I just broke 42k words on my novel this week! I’m so excited to be so near to the end. It feels a little scary that there’s less than one-tenth of the first draft left to write, but if I forget something, there’s always second drafts, right? XD Also, the message of the novel is … More Excerpt Time!

Castles and Batteries

When work has been too crazy and you’re too tired to write, the answer is of course to draw a map of your castle. Or several maps of your castle. Not your castle, the characters’ castle, of course. (Though wouldn’t one specifically just for writing and feeling majestic be awesome?) If you promise not to … More Castles and Batteries

Nothing Is Wasted

My family has been through some things (especially in the last eighteen months or so) that I can tend to wish would never have happened. (I’m still uncomfortable talking about them anywhere, so be warned that this post is going to be a bit vague. 😉 ) The “things” keep coming back now and then … More Nothing Is Wasted

Love and More Love

Do you ever have a moment when something you love is loved so much by other people and you get all happy inside and feel like a happy human floating on a happy cloud of love? This happens pretty often for me (when someone discovers an underrated indie author or my penpal listens to the … More Love and More Love

Baby in a Raincoat

Last Thursday, we hurried inside the church building, running a little late and more than a little in danger of getting wet from the rain that poured down. I love rain so much. Thunderstorms as wild and loud as a fireworks show… sheets of rain blowing sideways like unsteady toddlers… drizzles of rain too weak … More Baby in a Raincoat

Books with Friends

I love books, but even more, I love the community that can build around them. Shared stories, each seen in a slightly different light, to be discussed and loved or hated forever. 😉 A while ago, I wrote a blog post about how my friends help me find good books, but lately I’ve been realizing … More Books with Friends