Draft Two, Done!

So, this happened… 😉 I reached my Camp NaNoWriMo goal AND finished the second draft of “Kiera” today! ❤ Thanking the Lord for the oomph to do it and some encouraging fellow writers. 😉 Here’s a short excerpt. Kiera is Skyping her older brother when Jade decides to join in. 😉 “How are you doing?” … More Draft Two, Done!

The Notebook Trick

This past week has been so busy with life happenings and some beta-reading for others; but I’ve still managed to get some writing done! I’ve accomplished this by using the old Notebook Trick. Basically when my brain is getting computer fried from all of the projects and communication that must happen on it, I take a break with … More The Notebook Trick

Christmas in My Soul

This past week, I’ve been busier than Jade chasing kittens. (Which she did get to do in the tiny bit of writing I accomplished, but more on that later…) I’ve been busy with…CHRISTMAS! We decorated the outside of our house with a ton of icicle lights, three great wreaths, and a sign my artistic dad did … More Christmas in My Soul

Bookish Happenings

Hello, I’m Shot Out of a Cannon. What’s your name? Last week was one of the longest, coolest weeks of my life. (I got to celebrate a family birthday, participate in a Jesse Tree ornament exchange, help with a wedding reception, make new friends, and babysit the world’s sweetest kids.) And somehow during all of … More Bookish Happenings

Creative Juices

Although I decided not to do NaNoWriMo this year, it’s been pretty fun to have an auxiliary position and get in on the excitement. 😉 Here are some bad quality phone pictures for your enjoyment… On the very first day, Mom kicked it off with a special plate of snacks and cinnamon tea. We’ve taken to … More Creative Juices