To Fantasy or Not To Fantasy?

I realize that this is a huge topic of debate. I also realize that I need to do more studying on it, but here’s where I am right now.

I’m all right with make- believe creatures, different laws of physics, and miraculous objects in the fantasy genre. I keep these in the realm of completely imaginary, and they don’t affect my life at all.

Magic, on the other hand, is a stickier issue. I’m personally okay with two kinds of magic in the fantasy books I read.

  1. Laughable Disney/fairy tale magic. Little singing mice and pudgy fairy godmothers? I discount this type of magic along with all of the follow-your-heart worldview. It goes into the category of entertaining and cute.
  2.  “Magic” as a fairy tale code word for the power of God. In The Chronicles of Narnia, Aslan is obviously in control and everything flows from him. Most of the time any characters are practicing magic on their own, it is portrayed as evil. In Song of the Sword, the “Melody” isn’t even referred to as magic; but is representing joy and the Holy Spirit. The characters are not able to do anything in their own strength; and–but I’m getting into spoilers here… 😉

Here’s the one kind of magic I avoid.

  1. Harry Potter-type magic. People can quibble about magic used for good purposes vs. “black magic”, but to me characters practicing magic are out of bounds. God said ‘not to’, and in order to summon power they have to contact His enemies. Just gross, guys. As soon as a character’s actions or a creature’s appearance become mildly demonic, I’m out of there.

So there you are! As I said before, I’m still in the process of determining my worldview on this topic. 😉



5 thoughts on “To Fantasy or Not To Fantasy?

  1. Ah yes, magic is an interesting topic. But that’s one nice thing about fantasy. Things a person can’t do normally can be a normal (or rare) character trait in fantasy. Or the way the world works can be different, so they can do interesting things without it being magic. That’s normally what I do in my stories…that, or the power is directly connected to the God. Like the Melody. Well, the Melody is a combination of both of those. 😉 I have other books where it’s much more spiritual but both the source and the rightness (or wrongness) of it is clear.

    I wouldn’t want to write real magic in this world and I’m not completely sure how I stand with an amoral force in a fantasy which can be used for good or bad.

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  2. In a fantasy novel I wrote a bit of a long time ago, there was either magic given by “the One” (God) or “the unnamed” (Satan). There was no in-between … it was a pretty black and white world. Anyway, the One gives everyone a gift in that world … and they can choose if they want to use that gift for good or evil. And … let me see. I’m having to remember this. Some of the people, I guess, have special gifts because they were meant for a special purpose … or something like that … and those special gifts are ‘magic.’

    Not that that’s my worldview … just that that’s how it was in my little allegorical fantasy novel. 😀


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