A Smol Christmas Giveaway

A Smol Christmas Giveaway

Christmas just keeps getting closer, my jollies, and to celebrate I’m giving away a very cute bundle. 😉

Prize includes: Sincerely, Jem paperback, a book sleeve from Needle X Stitch Co., a (very) small illustrated copy of The Nutcracker, and chocollllllate

International alternate prize: 2 author-written ebooks of your choice

Entry options:

  1. Comment your favorite Christmas tradition
  2. Comment whether you love or hate snow
  3. Blog your Christmas book recs (link back to this post)
  4. Follow this blog (comment “done!”)
  5. Share this giveaway (link back or comment)

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Prize ships to US only. International winner will be awarded alternate prize and another winner drawn. Giveaway also runs on Instagram. Giveaway runs 12/12 through 12/17.

Merry entering. 😉

Get to Know Rebekah A. Morris (+Giveaway!)

Get to Know Rebekah A. Morris (+Giveaway!)

As summer comes to a close, I’d like you to meet one last favorite indie author of mine…

Today I’d like to welcome author Rebekah A. Morris! Rebekah, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi Kate! You already know my name, so let’s start with something different. I’m an Indie Author with over 60 published titles between my novels, novellas, and short stories. I was homeschooled my whole life and spent a lot of time reading, being read to, or listening to audiobooks. I play the piano and violin and sing soprano, and I have 8 wonderful nieces and nephews who are almost all bookworms.

You’ve written quite a few books and short stories (how many is it now?). How did you get to this point in your writing journey?

Let’s see, I believe it’s over 60 short stories if you count all the stories in my collections. That’s a good question. How did I get from hating writing when I was in school, to having so many stories published? After I had graduated and discovered how much fun it was by writing “pretend letters” to some friends for a few years, I started writing my first book Home Fires of the Great War. This was a long book which took six years. During that time I knew I needed to try different writing styles and to learn to use different techniques, so I started writing short stories for practice. Some turned out better than others. I think that was the start. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of writing stories that fit specific word counts, or of writing with specific guidelines. I still write short stories because it’s fun. And I can finish it sooner.

(Later this week, we get to hear more from Rebekah about writing short stories, so look out for that. 😉 ) What projects, writing or otherwise, can you share about right now?

Oh, the projects! Kate, I hope you and your readers aren’t too busy because I have many writing projects to share!

Summer Light (known before as Lawrence & Lenexa) is hopefully going to be released next month. Sorry, I don’t have a synopsis or a cover to share yet.

A Homewood Christmas – This collection of Christmas stories by 6 different authors (and includes my story He is Still Emmanuel) is set to be released October 24th. We’d love to have a few more people sign up to join the Blog Tour and help promote it. (Sign up here!)

The Christmas Key – This is the 2022 Christmas Collection story that will be released sometime before December. Date unknown.

Bessie’s Candles just got published the beginning of this month and is a short Christmas story.

Then we go to my projects that aren’t scheduled for release yet.

“Kate & Kylie” (working title) – is a story mostly about Kylie, a young woman living with her pregnant twin sister and trying to learn to be content with where God has her.

Unknown Title – this is a story that got started by accident. I mean, I really wasn’t supposed to be starting a new story, but I just couldn’t help it and now it’s over 10k words long. What happens when three children show up in a small town and the six-year-old boy picks you as their new Daddy? That’s what happened to Clint Younger.

“Monday’s Mystery” (working title) – Logan Lucas Kent receives a postcard from his baby sister asking for his help. He knows two things: one, she hasn’t called him “Key” since they were kids, and two, she would never ask for help unless she was desperate. I’m still trying to find the sister and figure out why she is asking for help.

There you are, Kate. I said I had a few projects. And that doesn’t count all the other stories that are started or the King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp which will be opening its gates again at the end of October, or the 24-Books-before-Christmas blog posts which I’m working on for my blog.

[Rebekah also recently published book 5 in her Woodbreak series. In honor of this, the prequel is free on Amazon this week!]

Wow, I knew you were prolific but I’m impressed by all you have going. How long have you been an author? What advice would you give to newer/breakout authors?

I’ve been a published author since March of 2011, so coming close to 12 years. My advice would be:

  1. Remember that you are to do all things for the glory of God, and that means writing stories that honor Him.
  2. Remember that not everyone will like your stories. That’s okay. Learn to give all negative reviews to God.
  3. Remember to enjoy your story as you write it!

I love these. Thanks for sharing! What is your favorite way you’ve seen God make your ordinary life beautiful?

He lets me tell stories of ordinary people who let God use them to influence others for Him. I never would have dreamed I would be an author much less that God would use my ordinary stories to bless and encourage others.

Thank you so much for coming!

Thanks so much for having me! I enjoyed it.

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A Conversation with J. Grace Pennington

A Conversation with J. Grace Pennington

(sorry I’m late–I broke down on the way here 😉)

Today I’d like to welcome author J. Grace Pennington! Grace, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello! Thank you so much for having me on the blog. I’m a self-published Christian author who writes while my three baby girls are napping, which means I have to try to use small amounts of time effectively! I’ve been writing my whole life and publishing for the past decade – a little bit of everything, but primarily young adult science-fiction novels. I also love reading (of course), playing with my girls, crocheting, and coloring (ideally all while listening to a good audiobook).

Congrats on your latest release, Eleftheria! You’ve decided to release it in a serial format on Kindle Vella. Can you tell us more about that and how we can read it?

Thank you! I’m new to Kindle Vella, but I’m finding it a very exciting way to publish – it’s a bit reminiscent of the olden days when novels such as Charles Dickens’ were published serially in the papers! Eleftheria is releasing three chapters a week, and will wrap up early in September.

Readers can purchase tokens with which to buy episodes (though the first three episodes of all Vella stories are free) and read them on their Kindles, phones, computers, or however one reads ebooks. So it’s a bit like getting multiple episodes a week of your favorite show! I also include a poll at the end of each chapter where readers can share their opinions or give their guesses as to what happens next.

What are your long-term plans for the Firmament series?

I’m currently working on book eight, Humanoid, and am nearly finished with the first draft. I’d love to be more consistent in getting the books out (it’s taken me ten years just to release these first seven!) so building a system of writing and publishing into my days is important to me. I have plans for eighteen books total, all of which have been planned since before the first book was written, so the big-picture events of the series are pretty much set in stone, but there’s so much room for experimentation and exploration within that framework. And I honestly just enjoy spending time with my characters and experiencing their world as I write!

What other projects, writing or otherwise, can you share about right now?

I wrote a novel called “Shows” last year that I am starting to get beta feedback on before I edit and possibly try to get a publishing agent for it – it’s very different from my series. It’s a general Christian fiction book about a young girl who moves to the big city and finds herself participating in a church’s twelve-step program as she searches for answers to life, faith, and dealing with mental illness.

There’s also a book I’m starting to think about outlining for this year’s National Novel Writing Month in November, a cyberpunk adventure called “Chroma” that deals with virtual reality, consequences, and the tension and loyalty between a father and son.

Otherwise, I have a weekly podcast entitled Improbable Things where I share six reading and writing related thoughts before my kids wake up in the morning. It’s a great way to give updates about my projects, share tidbits about my kids and their love of reading, discuss my current reads, and go on rants and rambles regarding my observations on storytelling. The podcast can be found on Anchor, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

How long have you been an author? What advice would you give to newer/breakout authors?

The first time I remember writing anything was a very short book when I was five years old, and I’ve never stopped since then! But despite starting several dozen stories, I never actually finished one until I was almost twenty. (And that book was absolutely terrible, of course, but at least it showed me I could finish something!) The second book I completed was Firmament: Radialloy, the first book in my series, and I published it shortly afterwards.

The number one piece of advice I always give writers is to push through writers block. You can always get words out on the page, even if they are terrible, but if you don’t push through the hard places then you’ll never finish your story and have the chance to fix and polish it. For your first draft, just get the words out. Editing comes later. The first important thing is to finish your story.

For your first draft, just get the words out. Editing comes later. The first important thing is to finish your story.

What is your favorite way you’ve seen God make your ordinary life beautiful?

At the current stage of my life (stay-at-home motherhood with a four-year-old, a two-year-old, and a one-year-old) the most beautiful thing I experience is getting to see my daughters discover the world. To witness their delight at the ordinary – the exuberance over a weird bug, shock at their first ever rainstorm, or breathlessness when my rhinestone sandals catch the light and throw sparkles all over the room – brings a freshness and glory to all those mundane parts of life I take for granted. It shows me a perspective on old concepts and ideas turned new through their beautiful eyes and constantly-inquiring minds. There’s nothing like it in all the world.

Thank you so much for coming!

Thank you for having me! It’s been great chatting with you!

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Interview with Sarah Holman

Interview with Sarah Holman

UPDATE: Congratulations to Amelia S. for winning the giveaway! Thank you everyone who entered.

Today we get to catch up with one of my absolute favorite indie authors, Sarah Holman, and I couldn’t be more excited. 💛

Welcome back, Sarah! Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi Kate! It’s so fun to be back here! 

Nine months ago, I married my best friend and moved to the big city. I’m loving married life more than words can say. It’s pretty amazing to be married to Scott, who’s been my best friend for years. It’s worth it even if I do miss living in the middle of nowhere.

(Look at these precious people!)

I’ve been an avid reader from a young age and started writing down my own stories around eleven. I love writing and sharing the truths God teaches me in a story form. I’m passionate about encouraging my fellow believers, especially my sisters in Christ, through stories and in my life.

When not reading or writing. I can often be found hiking at Texas State Parks with my husband, hanging out with my awesome family (both the one I was born into and the one I married into), or working on some sort of craft project.

Congrats on your latest release, Kate’s Informant! May we have a brief introduction?

Of course! In this story, the team members are trying to determine if the threat of terrorism is real or just talk. As in real life, they struggle with sorting who is telling the truth and who is telling lies – who’s a friend and who’s a foe.

As a loyal fan of the Kate’s Case Files series, I’m always excited to hear more about the series. What is your inspiration for it, and what are your long-term plans?

The original inspiration was Sue Thomas FBEye, which was a pretty cool show based on a true story of a deaf woman who went to work for the FBI. I also wanted to write a series that delved into how complicated friendships and relationships can be, but still be good. 

My long-term plans are to get the next book out ASAP (I’m working on a rewrite at the moment). I have a total of 10 books planned in the series and my hope is to have the last book come out in late 2023 sometime. We shall see if life cooperates with that goal. 

What other projects, writing or otherwise can you share about right now?

I have a lot of fun projects in the works. I’m currently editing my epistolary novella I wrote for my newsletter readers and plan to put it on Kindle Vella. I’m also hoping to release my 4th of July story that was part of A Very Bookish 4th of July last year on its own in the next couple of weeks. Also in the works is the next A Very Bookish collection and a new story for my newsletter subscribers. 

How long have you been an author? What advice would you give to newer/breakout authors?

I started writing when I was 11 which was twenty-one years ago. I published my first book in 2011.  Time flies! 

Here are my best pieces of advice for writers:

  1. Read all the time – both fiction and non-fiction
  2. Be willing to see some of your work as unpublishable stepping stones. You probably won’t write an amazing story on the first try (or maybe even the 5th time). Keep writing and improving.
  3. Find people who will be encouraging and honest with you about your stories. You want people to both build you up, but also help you improve.
  4. Most of all, stay connected to The Author. God is writing your life story. You want to make sure you are listening to Him.

What is your favorite way you’ve seen God work in a seemingly ordinary moment?

Ooo, what an awesome question, but a hard one. It happens so often. I think maybe it’s when someone finishes one of my stories and then tells me how God used it in their life. Or maybe it’s when I share something God has been working on in my life and it impacts someone else. Or maybe it’s the conversations I’ve been able to have with others just because of a simple act of kindness. 

I love this answer. Thank you so much for coming!

Thank you for having me. This has been so much fun!

Follow Sarah on her Blog // Instagram // Goodreads

In honor of her newest release, Sarah is giving away two (2) signed paperback copies from her Kate’s Case Files series! Winner gets to choose from books 1 – 5. (Alternate international prize is audiobook codes.)


Stay tuned for my reviews of the series and more from Sarah. 💛

(All images and cover mockups provided by Sarah Holman)

Kiera Giveaway Winner!

Kiera Giveaway Winner!

Thanks so much everyone for entering! Your support throughout this blog tour has been so encouraging. 💙

By the power vested in Google’s random number generator, KylieHuntFilmDirectorsWife has won the giveaway! 🎉🎉

Congrats, Kylie! I will send your prize soon.

I hope you all have a good week, and I’ll be back soon with a review and some (very exciting) writing updates. ❤️

It’s Time to Celebrate (+Kiera Giveaway!)

It’s Time to Celebrate (+Kiera Giveaway!)

It. Is. TIME.

It’s Kiera week!

If you’ve been around my blog for a while, you’ve heard me talk about this book a lot already. You may have experienced the ups and downs of my drafting/editing the novel and even participated in the blog tour.

It means the world that you’re here for the second time, and I hope it’s just as fun. And if you’re brand new, hello! I appreciate you. 💙

To kick things off, I’m hosting a giveaway!

Prize: Kiera pre-order bundle 🤩🤩 + decorative pitcher, flowers, ceramic birds, and twig nest

International alternate prize: Kiera inspired stickers, author-signed bookplate, $15 Amazon giftcard

Entry options:

  1. Comment your favorite YA novel
  2. Comment about a book bestie
  3. Blog a #KieraBookChallenge prompt (link back to this post)
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Prize ships to US only. International winner will be awarded alternate prize and another winner drawn. Giveaway also runs on Instagram. Giveaway runs 5/9 through 5/13.

Enter and have the most fun! 🤩

Bloggers we’re celebrating with today…

Vanessa Hall

Esther Jackson (spoiler warning)

So Merry, Merry Christmas! (Giveaway, Shhhh)

So Merry, Merry Christmas! (Giveaway, Shhhh)

UPDATE: Congratulations to Martha Abilene, our randomly chosen winner!

Are you counting down to Christmas? I know I am!

Sitting by our cute little Christmas tree, enjoying the bowties I taped to our squirrel salt and pepper shakers, lighting our eggnog latte candle (and drinking real eggnog because I discovered I like it 😍), listening through Joshua’s copious amounts of Christmas music…

I have Christmas presents hidden in the closet that I am so totally going to wrap while he’s at work, mwahaha. 😎😎

To celebrate Christmas, you all, and this year with you, I’m hosting a giveaway!

Behold the pretties…

The prize includes…

Open to the contiguous US only. Entries close Saturday, December 18 at 11pm MST. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to email before another winner is chosen.


I hope you enjoy, and have a merry, merry Christmas! ❤

Fall Is Best Of All (Giveaway)

Fall Is Best Of All (Giveaway)

I can see fall coming before I feel it.

The light changes, softens into a gentle haze of gold and gray.

The days are gentler and the nights come sooner.

The weather shifts one day into cool, crisp, and exciting then back again into muggy, warm, and blistering.

Soon it will settle out into the first and not the latter and then I will need to find my sweater.


Fall is my favorite season. The flavors, the colors, the clothes, and the overall vibe that says “of course you should stay in and read”. 🧡

This year in celebration of fall, I wanted to give away a small package of coziness…

Included in the giveaway are…

  • 2 mini mugs (orange and cream)
  • Small pumpkin candles
  • Empowered by Catherine Parks
  • Broken Strings by Eric Walters
  • …and whatever other goodies I decide to add!

(The absolutely yummy sweater background is not included. Giveaway only available to the contiguous US.)


I’ll be back next week with a couple reviews of the books, but for now HAPPY FALL!!

(Special thanks to Joshua for taking the giveaway picture before it rained. That was a close one. 😂❤️)