Book Review: Rose of the Oath!

35211470“They were coming. They never stopped coming.

A wolf howled, the call rising to an eerie pitch before dropping, hurtling downward. The echo barely faded when another howl replied. Always… Always, forever, and yet again, they would come.

His breath slipped between his teeth and he finally lifted his gaze from the crimson rose as the wind hurtled off, whistling through the narrow pass that led outward. Out into the forest. Out into Aslaria.

And so he waited.

Meanwhile, war clouds the horizon and rebels gather under a mysterious leader. Alone, with her two younger sisters, Elissa watches the mountain road desperately for her brother’s return. Instead, she receives news of his capture by a strange figure covered in scars and cloaked in wolf skins.
With rebels drawing nearer, she sets off to find her brother. To save him. There is no one else who can.

Yet she soon finds the rose that granted her warning now holds her captive in safety. Outside the valley, war threatens those she loves most. Though her strange host claims the ancient promises of the Prince’s return and victory over the rebels, Elissa knows the blood-drenched truth. She is on her own. Elissa will do anything to keep her family safe, but more than one kind of wolf stalks the Blackwood and danger lurks closer than she could ever imagine.” (from Goodreads)

A darling Beast who has to communicate through writing and just got himself a new fighting buddy? All. The. Cuteness. ❤ I had half-decided not to like this book for the sole reason it is replacing Rose of Prophecy. After reading it and the prequel leading into it, my mind is very much changed. I LOVE them. They start the series off so much better, setting the tone and filling us in on the Separation, the Stieg Der, and the King’s Oath. And they told me again the beautiful message of redemption and true love and never letting go of hope even when we can’t see how God is good during such an evil time. The part that really struck me though was how the Prince took the very people who had caused so much pain and gave them new purpose in Him to spread new hope. SPOILER ALERT! (I also nearly cry about the matching scars.) End of Spoiler! This book definitely wasn’t all serious–the cuteness between Elissa and the Beast was in there–and the library did make it in. 😉 Just a note that there are some very intense scenes including children in danger from wolf attacks and one very descriptive fight with a wolf.

Best quotes: Dust motes floated through the air, dancing along golden beams sliced between the books–rows of books, arching upward. Rolling ladders leaned against several shelves. I traced my fingers along the spines of ancient tomes as I wound my way inward.

“The Legends do not tell the half of what the King did for us. They are true, Beauty. True and much more besides. Don’t you ever doubt them.”

Altogether–time to reread the whole series. And then read it again. 😉

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Rose of the Oath!

  1. I just read this the other day, and definitely agree that I like it better than Rose of Prophecy, although I did enjoy that one. 🙂 I think it fits in better with the rest of the series. Which I really really enjoy. Great review!

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