A Proxy Wedding by Toni Shiloh // Mini Review

A Proxy Wedding by Toni Shiloh // Mini Review

Saying I Do was more than they bargained for.

Carly James values loyalty and friendship above all. So when her best friend calls asking her to be a proxy bride, she says, ‘yes.’ How hard can it be to say ‘I do’ so that her best friend can be with the one she loves? Only, Carly never counted on the feelings that began to swirl around with the proxy groom.

Damien Nichols likes life lined up from A to Z, but when his best friend calls in a favor, disorder begins to reign. Instead of taking a quick flight to the proxy wedding, he has to take a road trip with the proxy bride. Carly’s free-spirit attitude bumps heads with his meticulous approach to life. As Damien discovers the woman underneath the carefree façade, his emotions become involved. (from Goodreads)

My Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Not gonna lie, the concept of a modern proxy wedding (??!) drew me in immediately, and I knew my favorite author could pull off something fabulous. It ended up being so cute and sweet with a surprising amount of character development, arc, and relationship testing in such a short novella. I really enjoyed it. 😉 Definitely like a Hallmark movie, in all the best ways.

CW: Mentions of relational trauma from a family of origin and an ex-spouse. The main characters have strong chemistry that is often in their thoughts but it is handled well and never crosses a line.

Crook Q by Rachel Newhouse // Review

Crook Q by Rachel Newhouse // Review

I don’t want to kill anyone.

Believing the chaos of her adventure on Mars is behind her, 17-year-old Philadelphia faces a restricted but uneventful future as an unskilled drone in the United’s workforce. But before she can receive her assignment, government officials show up in the dead of night and violently whisk her and Cea away to solitary confinement. The girls soon realize they’re being held hostage to bribe Dr. Nic, Cea’s wickedly genius brother, into resuming work on the infamous superweapon “Red Rain.” Their only option is to escape.

Thrust into the streets with a gun she’s afraid to shoot, Philadelphia realizes her battle with Red Rain is not over—and this time, turning it over to the authorities is not an option.

Crook Q is the second novella in the Red Rain saga, a fast-paced Christian sci-fi series for teens and adults. (from Goodreads)

My Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Red Rain was a staple of my teenage hood and the catalyst for my love of indie novels, so I was over the moon when the author relaunched the series and announced numerous sequels. It’s been a long minute since the first book released, so I wasn’t expecting the *exact* same tone, but this did take a little while to adjust to.

Philadelphia is still such an interesting main character to follow, and in this installment, it was evident she’s still coming of age and torn between her dad’s principles and her brother’s ideals. The little bit of added backstory gave me so much sympathy for Dr. Smyrna and understanding of his passivity. I also loved how even though she isn’t super skilled at anything yet, it’s really her heart and courage that matter. I look forward to seeing her grow.

Some of the back-and-forth action and her more fragile emotional state (#trauma) did wear on me to begin with, but in retrospect, it fit the story and the last third or so picked up and made up for it. 😉

Ephesus and Cea were boss as usual, and I’m becoming more intrigued by Dr. Nic. It was also amazing to see a few side characters reappear and how they worked into the story. And can I just say that Philli’s relation to her Bible in this is such a cool contrast to the first book? I may be reading too much into it, but that felt like an amazing demonstration of faith. There’s much less faith content in this book than the first one which was thick with references to Revelation, but it was still present.

CW: strong negative emotions, kidnapping, danger, death off-page, injuries described but not graphic, description of cleaning up blood. A man beats up a teenage girl.

Altogether, I’m very happy to have read this, and I’m excited to continue the series.

Five Fall Favorites // Top 5 Books of 2022

Five Fall Favorites // Top 5 Books of 2022

Yes, it is wrap-up and announce the giveaway winner day! 😭😍🧡

Thank you so much for attending! It’s been so fun getting to know you all, and I hope you’ve found some new favorite books (and bloggers!) to celebrate fall with. 🧡 You all have done some serious damage to my TBR, that’s for sure. 😉

If you would like a PDF of all the books recommended so far, check out Katja’s blog. There’s also a (incomplete) Goodreads list available too. 😉

A few of us are sharing our top 5 favorite books of this year (so far!), but be sure to catch up on everyone’s blogs and let them know how much we appreciated their bookishness!

🍁 Katja recommends beloved classics and newer indie books. She’s also an indie author herself with three perma-free books available!

📚 Abigail recommends thrilling reads and military fiction (which her debut novella happens to be!). She also just launched a bookish boutique.

☕️ Kelsey recommends whole-hearted classics and has made her Jane Eyre-inspired novella free today!

🍂 Lillian recommends a wide range of middle-grade fiction and has published two books of her own.

🧣 Sarah recommends encouraging Christian fiction and is a prolific multi-genre indie author!

🥧 Bella recommends a variety of genres and has published an allegorical short story.

☕️ Jana recommends a wide range of amazing fiction and hosts the #SpellTheMonthInBooks link-up!

🧣 Ryana Lynn recommends historical and indie conservative fiction and has a free ebook for those who email her.

📚 Mac is brand new to the blogging world and chose this party as her first order of business.

🍁 Sophia Ellen recommends indie fiction and plans to join the community as an author someday.

📚 Heaven recommends a wide variety of genres in a way that makes you want to read everything she mentioned.

🥧 Hannah recommends indie fiction (among other genres) and is currently writing many books herself as well as offering writer services.

🍂 Mikayla recommends Christian fiction and often writes poetry on her blog.

And I’m a multi-genre reader and author who absolutely loves an opportunity to share about my favorite books. 😉 I also have a novella free today!

My Top 5 Favorite Reads of 2022

2022 has been quite the year, and while it’s not over yet, I’m looking back at some of the books that have meant the most to me. 🧡

1. The Key to Extraordinary by Natalie Lloyd

My first book by this author. Hauntingly beautiful. 🧡 Changed my perspective about ghosts in stories. 😉

// My Review //

2. Ignite by Jenna Terese

Got me back into the indie book world. Clean and meaningful superhero novel. A new favorite author.

// My Review //

3. Kate’s Informant by Sarah Holman

A terrible twist in the series. Gorgeous themes. Even more heart-filled than usual. 🧡

// My Review //

4. Apprentice by Kristen Young

First Enclave book I’ve read. Meaningful sci-fi. A new trilogy to love.

// My Review //

5. Happily Ever Afters by Elise Bryant

Cute and sweet. Opportunity for me to experience more culture. Helped me understand my anxiety.

// My Review //

And now for the winner of the Grand Prize giveaway…

Congratulations, H! I have contacted you to confirm your entry and get your shipping information. 😉

Grab on Amazon! (and the rest of the series is on sale 👀)

Thank you all for coming, and happy fall and reading!

What do you think, should we do this again next year?

Five Fall Favorites // Top 5 Romance Books

Five Fall Favorites // Top 5 Romance Books

Here we are at Day 4 of Five Fall Favorites! Phew, so many books, so little time. 😉 (I did the math, and y’all are getting up to 70 recommendations every day, and wow.)

Love is in the air, bookish love to be exact. 🧡 Whether these recommendations are full-on romance novels or a story with a wonderful romantic sideplot, prepare yourself to fall in love. 😉

Today we’re sharing our top 5 romantic books… (With some bloggers choosing an alternate genre. 😉 )

Get your inner shipper ready! 😘

Katja 🍁 // Abigail 📚 // Kelsey ☕️ // Lillian 🍂

Sarah🧣// Bella 🥧 // Jana ☕️ // Ryana Lynn🧣// Mac 📚

Sophia Ellen 🍁 // Heaven 📚 // Hannah 🥧 // Mikayla 🍂

My Top 5 Favorite Romance Loves

1. Wings of a Dream by D’Ann Mateer (previously Anne Mateer)

I am not a swooner, but if I had to choose one that brought me closest to swooning… it’s this one. Mikayla gave me a copy, and I gobbled it up then turned right around and read it aloud to a younger sister. World War I and the 1918 flu epidemic were a time period and setting I knew very little about, so I was caught up in the historical elements to the point where I went on a research dive afterwards. 😉 The romance and the found family aspects are just the sweetest. 🧡 (Read my review.)

2. The Trouble With Love by Toni Shiloh

I picked this book up in an effort to diversify my reading, and I couldn’t be happier I found it. 🧡 The storylines are fabulous, the representation gorgeous, and the Biblical themes inspiring but really honest to life. I especially enjoyed how the female friendships in this series are just as (maybe more) important as the romantic relationships. (Read my review.)

3. Matched by Ally Condie

I apologize in advance for my screeching. I ACCIDENTALLY HAVE THREE COPIES OF THIS BOOK. I didn’t realize I was that much of a fan of these books (especially since I’ve always been shy about loving straight-up romance) until recently, and I am not ashamed to say it. 😉 Especially since the boy is soft and kind and the story is full of poetry and family and thinking for yourself and managing your emotions, and I generally love those things. Okay? It’s all adorable and relatively clean. 😉 (Read my review.)

4. Heartless by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

So this book is downright spooky (especially if you’re sensitive to Spiritual warfare themes), and not something I would have usually read, but it is FOREVER in the annals of books that changed my life and the Spiritual allegory is the most beautiful thing. It’s also unofficially the book my characters Kiera and Brennan share. 😉 (Read my review.)

5. The Scourge by Jennifer Nielsen

I absolutely adore this strange blend of dystopian and medieval (read: two of Kate’s favorite genres), and I’m also a fan of how plucky the main character is. When I found out the mild, sweet romance was based on the song 500 Miles, I immediately adopted these cuties forever. 😉 (Read my review.)

Grand Prize giveaway!

Most books are contributions by participating authors. Ships to contiguous US only. Winner will have 48 hours to respond after being contacted.


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Gift from the Storm by Rebekah A. Morris // A Review

Gift from the Storm by Rebekah A. Morris // A Review

(admit it, you knew I had to talk about this book)

One cold, dark evening a young stranger appears outside the Morgan home with two small children. Injured and on the verge of complete exhaustion, she will only say that her name is “Amy.”
Where did she come from? Who is she? And what has she been through? Dr. Justin Morgan and his family look for answers as they struggle to minister life and health to the needy ones in their midst.
(from Goodreads)

My Review

I fell in love first with the author’s writing style, then with the vibey cover, and then with the story. (I even read it aloud to a sister right after finishing it, it was that good. 😉 ) Since then, it’s become one of my top favorite indie books, and I talk about it often on my blog and to anyone who will listen.

The cozy, sometimes Christmassy (yes, I’ve chosen to obsess over that part 😉 ) mountain cabin setting was so accurate and beautifully descriptive, it made this country girl right at home. I loved all the characters (Justin the most of course), and Danny was hilarious.

Amy was a very interesting main character. I hadn’t read many books with the amnesia trope (still haven’t) at this point, so I was completely drawn in by her struggles and the slowly unfolding mystery. I loved seeing the Morgan family support her so well and how their ordinary faithfulness and family culture was used by God to bless her so mightily.

My favorite scene was when Amy is holding a glass of water. *chills*

CW: danger, amnesia, grief, off-screen death, speculation about if a character is an unmarried mother.

This intriguing, cozy, and wonderful Christian mystery is forever a favorite. 😉

Add on Goodreads // Buy on Amazon

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Get to Know Rebekah A. Morris (+Giveaway!)

Get to Know Rebekah A. Morris (+Giveaway!)

As summer comes to a close, I’d like you to meet one last favorite indie author of mine…

Today I’d like to welcome author Rebekah A. Morris! Rebekah, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi Kate! You already know my name, so let’s start with something different. I’m an Indie Author with over 60 published titles between my novels, novellas, and short stories. I was homeschooled my whole life and spent a lot of time reading, being read to, or listening to audiobooks. I play the piano and violin and sing soprano, and I have 8 wonderful nieces and nephews who are almost all bookworms.

You’ve written quite a few books and short stories (how many is it now?). How did you get to this point in your writing journey?

Let’s see, I believe it’s over 60 short stories if you count all the stories in my collections. That’s a good question. How did I get from hating writing when I was in school, to having so many stories published? After I had graduated and discovered how much fun it was by writing “pretend letters” to some friends for a few years, I started writing my first book Home Fires of the Great War. This was a long book which took six years. During that time I knew I needed to try different writing styles and to learn to use different techniques, so I started writing short stories for practice. Some turned out better than others. I think that was the start. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of writing stories that fit specific word counts, or of writing with specific guidelines. I still write short stories because it’s fun. And I can finish it sooner.

(Later this week, we get to hear more from Rebekah about writing short stories, so look out for that. 😉 ) What projects, writing or otherwise, can you share about right now?

Oh, the projects! Kate, I hope you and your readers aren’t too busy because I have many writing projects to share!

Summer Light (known before as Lawrence & Lenexa) is hopefully going to be released next month. Sorry, I don’t have a synopsis or a cover to share yet.

A Homewood Christmas – This collection of Christmas stories by 6 different authors (and includes my story He is Still Emmanuel) is set to be released October 24th. We’d love to have a few more people sign up to join the Blog Tour and help promote it. (Sign up here!)

The Christmas Key – This is the 2022 Christmas Collection story that will be released sometime before December. Date unknown.

Bessie’s Candles just got published the beginning of this month and is a short Christmas story.

Then we go to my projects that aren’t scheduled for release yet.

“Kate & Kylie” (working title) – is a story mostly about Kylie, a young woman living with her pregnant twin sister and trying to learn to be content with where God has her.

Unknown Title – this is a story that got started by accident. I mean, I really wasn’t supposed to be starting a new story, but I just couldn’t help it and now it’s over 10k words long. What happens when three children show up in a small town and the six-year-old boy picks you as their new Daddy? That’s what happened to Clint Younger.

“Monday’s Mystery” (working title) – Logan Lucas Kent receives a postcard from his baby sister asking for his help. He knows two things: one, she hasn’t called him “Key” since they were kids, and two, she would never ask for help unless she was desperate. I’m still trying to find the sister and figure out why she is asking for help.

There you are, Kate. I said I had a few projects. And that doesn’t count all the other stories that are started or the King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp which will be opening its gates again at the end of October, or the 24-Books-before-Christmas blog posts which I’m working on for my blog.

[Rebekah also recently published book 5 in her Woodbreak series. In honor of this, the prequel is free on Amazon this week!]

Wow, I knew you were prolific but I’m impressed by all you have going. How long have you been an author? What advice would you give to newer/breakout authors?

I’ve been a published author since March of 2011, so coming close to 12 years. My advice would be:

  1. Remember that you are to do all things for the glory of God, and that means writing stories that honor Him.
  2. Remember that not everyone will like your stories. That’s okay. Learn to give all negative reviews to God.
  3. Remember to enjoy your story as you write it!

I love these. Thanks for sharing! What is your favorite way you’ve seen God make your ordinary life beautiful?

He lets me tell stories of ordinary people who let God use them to influence others for Him. I never would have dreamed I would be an author much less that God would use my ordinary stories to bless and encourage others.

Thank you so much for coming!

Thanks so much for having me! I enjoyed it.

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Guest Post // To Boldly Go by J. Grace Pennington

Guest Post // To Boldly Go by J. Grace Pennington

(This post literally gave me chills as I read it. 😭💙 I hope it’s an encouragement to your heart.)

I didn’t always love science-fiction. Despite the fact that it’s one of my dad’s favorite things in the entire world, I wasn’t even really aware of what it was until I saw Star Wars in my teens. As an obsessive person, it was very easy from there for me to become, well, obsessed. I had lightsaber fights with my brother in the backyard. I daydreamed about trips on the Millennium Falcon. I debated the legitimacy of JarJar Binks as a character with my friends (those who weren’t scared off by my incessant need to discuss these things, that is).

A few years later, my dad introduced us to Star Trek, and from there – I was hooked. As far as I was concerned, science-fiction was the greatest type of storytelling out there, and I began work on my own series, Firmament, shortly afterward.

It wasn’t the first story (or the first series, for that matter) that I had written. I had been putting stories to paper and/or word processor since I was five years old. Throughout my childhood, I consumed stories the way most kids consume candy – gobbling them every possible chance and then begging for more. The hearing and telling of tales has long been part and parcel of my life. Narration, poetry, and prose are threads without which I don’t know what the fabric of existence would even look like.

Did I mention I’m an obsessive person? I mean that with a capital O. As in OCD. As in severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, which was and still is linked with other mental and emotional struggles. I don’t recall a time that I didn’t experience dark depression, persistent intrusive thoughts, and often crippling anxiety.

Does that seem like a non-sequitur? We were just talking about stories, particularly of the scientifically speculative type. One minute it’s starships, and the next we’re off on mental health. Confusing, right?

Maybe. Or maybe not.

I don’t think I realized until I was much older the connection story can often have with depression and my other assorted issues of the mind and heart. Escapism is part of it, sure – when the world seems hopeless, taking off to a galaxy far, far away can seem tempting indeed. But there’s something deeper to it than the simple hiding of self from problem.

It’s very hard to see in the dark. And sometimes when we’re very close to a situation or to a person or a circumstance, we can get too turned around to find where exactly the light lies. That’s when it can be beneficial to step away for just a little while – to move over the threshold from our own place on our own Earth to another frontier – to a story wherein things are so wildly different that it gives us a whole new perspective, but where the people and problems and darkness are not so very different from our own.

That, as it turns out, is specifically what I love most about science fiction. It’s not the cool technology, the weirdness, the thrilling heroics, though those can all be fun. It’s the way that in its pages or on its screens we can see our own lives reflected but inverted. We see our struggles, our problems, our messes magnified and twisted into something we barely recognize – but still, we see them. We see them just clearly enough to take courage and hope back into life when we finish the story. We see ourselves, the same, but different, like an old friend with a new haircut and a new sense of style. We see something so familiar, and yet maybe something that we’ve never seen before.

In short, in these stories wherein the improbable is made possible, we see a glimpse of truth. And ultimately, when truth shines through in a story, it illuminates some part of our lives, of our minds, of our hearts in a way that is specific to our own journeys. Through the veneer of the speculation and the fiction, we can catch a lightened glimpse of a more real reality. A reality that, despite the darkness that may come, is always there.

A reality of hope. A reality that helps my often tangled and struggling mind to boldly go where it needs to go to find the truth behind the stories, the fact behind the fiction, and the knowledge that there is something more we cannot always see.

J. Grace Pennington has been telling stories since she could talk and writing them down since age five. Now she lives in the great state of Texas, where she writes as much as adult life permits. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading good books, having adventures with her husband and daughters, and looking up at the stars.

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The Firmament Series by J. Grace Pennington // Mini Reviews

The Firmament Series by J. Grace Pennington // Mini Reviews

I absolutely adore sci-fi, and the more character-centric and deep themey it is… SIGN ME UP.

The Firmament series by J. Grace Pennington was one of my first (and few) experiences of indie Christian sci-fi, and I grow more and more in love with it with each new book. 😉

(FYI, books one and two are currently free on Amazon so run and get your copies. 😍)

Please enjoy the gorgeous covers and here are my mini reviews…


This story jumps right into the action while setting up the main cast of characters who are going to become very beloved. 😍


My favorite, or one of my favorites, or the first time in this series I had a favorite… Anyway, it’s basically the book that made me a fan. 😉 I really enjoyed this take on aliens, and the mystery was quite satisfying.


Absolutely incredible villain and soooo twisty. Like *mind blown*


Oh look, another favorite! Absolutely brilliant twist on such well-established characters. 👏👏 It made me want to know them even more.


Earth is technically part of space, right? 😜 Really cool character development and sibling team-up. ❤


EDGE OF MY SEAT book. Everyone just gets more and more depth and the stories are tying together so well. 😍 Another favorite, oops.


I have yet to read this one (I just checked it out on Kindle Vella) but the synopsis has a callback to book 2???! So yes, I have my homework. 😉

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A Conversation with J. Grace Pennington

A Conversation with J. Grace Pennington

(sorry I’m late–I broke down on the way here 😉)

Today I’d like to welcome author J. Grace Pennington! Grace, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello! Thank you so much for having me on the blog. I’m a self-published Christian author who writes while my three baby girls are napping, which means I have to try to use small amounts of time effectively! I’ve been writing my whole life and publishing for the past decade – a little bit of everything, but primarily young adult science-fiction novels. I also love reading (of course), playing with my girls, crocheting, and coloring (ideally all while listening to a good audiobook).

Congrats on your latest release, Eleftheria! You’ve decided to release it in a serial format on Kindle Vella. Can you tell us more about that and how we can read it?

Thank you! I’m new to Kindle Vella, but I’m finding it a very exciting way to publish – it’s a bit reminiscent of the olden days when novels such as Charles Dickens’ were published serially in the papers! Eleftheria is releasing three chapters a week, and will wrap up early in September.

Readers can purchase tokens with which to buy episodes (though the first three episodes of all Vella stories are free) and read them on their Kindles, phones, computers, or however one reads ebooks. So it’s a bit like getting multiple episodes a week of your favorite show! I also include a poll at the end of each chapter where readers can share their opinions or give their guesses as to what happens next.

What are your long-term plans for the Firmament series?

I’m currently working on book eight, Humanoid, and am nearly finished with the first draft. I’d love to be more consistent in getting the books out (it’s taken me ten years just to release these first seven!) so building a system of writing and publishing into my days is important to me. I have plans for eighteen books total, all of which have been planned since before the first book was written, so the big-picture events of the series are pretty much set in stone, but there’s so much room for experimentation and exploration within that framework. And I honestly just enjoy spending time with my characters and experiencing their world as I write!

What other projects, writing or otherwise, can you share about right now?

I wrote a novel called “Shows” last year that I am starting to get beta feedback on before I edit and possibly try to get a publishing agent for it – it’s very different from my series. It’s a general Christian fiction book about a young girl who moves to the big city and finds herself participating in a church’s twelve-step program as she searches for answers to life, faith, and dealing with mental illness.

There’s also a book I’m starting to think about outlining for this year’s National Novel Writing Month in November, a cyberpunk adventure called “Chroma” that deals with virtual reality, consequences, and the tension and loyalty between a father and son.

Otherwise, I have a weekly podcast entitled Improbable Things where I share six reading and writing related thoughts before my kids wake up in the morning. It’s a great way to give updates about my projects, share tidbits about my kids and their love of reading, discuss my current reads, and go on rants and rambles regarding my observations on storytelling. The podcast can be found on Anchor, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

How long have you been an author? What advice would you give to newer/breakout authors?

The first time I remember writing anything was a very short book when I was five years old, and I’ve never stopped since then! But despite starting several dozen stories, I never actually finished one until I was almost twenty. (And that book was absolutely terrible, of course, but at least it showed me I could finish something!) The second book I completed was Firmament: Radialloy, the first book in my series, and I published it shortly afterwards.

The number one piece of advice I always give writers is to push through writers block. You can always get words out on the page, even if they are terrible, but if you don’t push through the hard places then you’ll never finish your story and have the chance to fix and polish it. For your first draft, just get the words out. Editing comes later. The first important thing is to finish your story.

For your first draft, just get the words out. Editing comes later. The first important thing is to finish your story.

What is your favorite way you’ve seen God make your ordinary life beautiful?

At the current stage of my life (stay-at-home motherhood with a four-year-old, a two-year-old, and a one-year-old) the most beautiful thing I experience is getting to see my daughters discover the world. To witness their delight at the ordinary – the exuberance over a weird bug, shock at their first ever rainstorm, or breathlessness when my rhinestone sandals catch the light and throw sparkles all over the room – brings a freshness and glory to all those mundane parts of life I take for granted. It shows me a perspective on old concepts and ideas turned new through their beautiful eyes and constantly-inquiring minds. There’s nothing like it in all the world.

Thank you so much for coming!

Thank you for having me! It’s been great chatting with you!

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Introducing My Favorite Podcast (+Giveaway)

Introducing My Favorite Podcast (+Giveaway)

I’m not a podcast gal. I prefer reading to listening, and if I listen to something it should probably be instrumental music so I can actually focus on whatever I should be doing…

The only time I really listen to podcasts is with my husband, and even then I have a hard time focusing on what’s being said. *hides*

I love to keep up with my favorite authors through their blogs and social media (and the odd newsletter here and there), but this is the first time I’ve fallen in love with the podcast format. 

J. Grace Pennington’s podcast Improbable Things converted me. 

I’ve been a fan of her and her work for a few years now, but I found out she had a podcast for regular updates and thought I’d pop in just to see when the next book was coming out. 

I found instead a well-rounded, deeply interesting look into her life as an author, fan of books and movies, mental health warrior, and bookish mother. She shares six literary thoughts from her week, and it’s both interesting and encouraging to see how these areas of life intersect.

And she does, of course, share a lot about her current projects, just like I was hoping. 😉

I enjoy the conversational yet structured format, and as someone with auditory sensitivity, her quiet, “audiobook narrator” voice is a nice retreat.

Tomorrow you’ll get to meet J. Grace and her work, but for now, definitely go try her podcast. You won’t regret it. 😉

In celebration of her newest book Eleftheria, J. Grace Pennington is giving away the first two books of her Firmament series!

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