Convention Countdown! (+A Free Chapter)

Convention Countdown! (+A Free Chapter)

Guys, it’s only three(ish) days until the homeschool convention! Once again, this year I’ll be selling my books at our Generation Rising booth. There have been meetings, errand-runnings, and eagerly-waiting-for-book-stock-ings (I’m still waiting for some XD).

(There are some pictures on Generation Rising’s Instagram and Facebook pages, FYI…)

In honor of the convention coming up and my new bookbaby The Night Archers releasing last week, here’s the first chapter. Enjoy! 😀

Chapter One: Storming

Curls of wood fell away from his knife as a spoon took shape in his hands. It would be large enough to stir a pot of soup for the whole family and sturdy to last a few seasons to come. The young man smoothed away the loose sawdust, then bit his knife into the wood again. 

“Gavynn-Gavynn!” a sing-song voice called, and he looked up from his work.

He laughed at the little girl dancing in the line of children waiting at the well and raised a hand to wave. “I see you, Rosie.”
She grinned at him and turned away, light-colored braids seeming to skip with mirth and impatience. 

Gavynn shifted on the cottage doorstep and held his project up to the light. It was nearly perfect. Just a little more work, and it would be ready for sanding and oiling. 

A strong breeze tore across the square, whipping at the children’s clothes and ruffling their wheat-colored hair. Another gust followed on its heels and scattered his wood leavings out into the grass. 

He squinted up at the sky and quickly rose to his feet, sheathing his knife. “Rosie,” he beckoned to her but kept his eyes on the shadows that hung low brushing the top of the keep. “Rosie, come inside. There’s a storm almost ready to hit.”

She skipped over to him and slumped her shoulders, but he teased a grin out of her the next moment. “I’ll fill your bucket for you if you set up the blanket house with Maire.”

She shoved the bucket into his hands and entered the house, sing-songing for her sister. 

Gavynn left the shelter of the cottage doorway and joined the line of children. He pushed his limp, dark hair off his forehead, conscious of the curious looks directed his way. Smiling ruefully to himself, he met their gazes, grateful they at least didn’t ask any questions. 

The line inched forward as the neighbor girl, one of the blacksmith’s children, scrambled away from the well with her little brother at her heels. Gavynn stretched and looked over the heads, then caught a glimpse of someone he knew.

Farren. She was close in size to the children but nearer in age to him, and she drew her cloak tightly about herself, shuddering in the wind. 

A heavy raindrop splashed on his forehead, then another, and shrieks of surprise came from the line. A few children broke away toward their homes, but the majority huddled together, blinking and squealing at the rain that fell faster and harder with every second. 

Gavynn shook his head and pushed his way to the front of the line. Taking a bucket from the first child, he quickly filled it and sent him on his way, ready for the next one before anyone else knew what was happening. He hurried to fill as many as possible, but a flash of light and a rumble from the woods caused him to drop the bucket.

“Everyone home, now! This storm is more than just rain.”

The children scattered in every direction, and he watched them go through the downpour.

“Gavynn?” A slender hand clutched at his sleeve, and Farren stared up at him with wide, unseeing eyes.

“I’m here.” He covered her hand with his own. “Let’s get you inside.” He draped his soaking cloak across her shoulders and guided her, head down, up the emptied street.

Day had turned dark as dusk, and a coldness slipped into his bones. Here and there, a glow escaped the shutters of the houses, and he fixed his eyes on their guiding lights. They passed the keep and the empty stables, and Gavynn reminded himself not to look for what he knew wouldn’t be there. A gray horse, strong and alert; his horse, at least when he had trained with the cavalry. Thunder echoed off the stones beneath their feet, and he tightened his arm around Farren’s shoulders.

“Gavynn?” Her voice was little more than a whisper under the wind. “Are we almost there?”

Gavynn lifted his head into the rain and scanned the street. Just up ahead, a cottage door was wide open to the storm and a woman stood silhouetted in it.

His answer came in a gulping breath as he guided Farren forward. “We’re there.”

Farren’s mother let out a cry of relief and rushed out into the rain to take her daughter, gesturing for him to follow them into the house. Gavynn looked out into the black rain that rushed down the street in little rivers then again at the warm, inviting house. He shook his head. He was needed at home.

With a whispered prayer, he plunged into the storm, bending his body against the wind and hugging his arms against himself. Water rushed across the cobblestones, seeping into his boots and turning the ground into a slippery mess. He took one step, then another, then the next. Terror pushed at the edges of his memory. The darkness seemed to reach out, desiring to crush him in its grasp.

“It’s just a storm. Just rain, wind, and thunder. I’m far, far away from the sea.” He hugged his arms tightly around his body. “I’m safe. I just need to get home.”

The cottage was just down the street, past the smithy and the neighbor’s dwelling. A cry broke into his thoughts, and he lifted his head, eyes focusing on the little girl who stood in the open doorway of the nearest cottage.

The thatch roof had collapsed inward on one end and more threatened to fall with every second. He ran forward and guided her trembling body away from the cottage. Moments later, a woman burst from the house, carrying her young son in her arms and calling frantically. 


“She’s here,” Gavynn answered. “Go. Up the street to my house. They’ll let you in.”

The woman drew Aelie to herself, but she glanced back toward the house, torn. “Caelan’s still in there.”

Gavynn nodded grimly. “I’ll get him.”

Rain poured in from the open roof of the cottage, and Gavynn peered through it into the dark recesses of the dwelling. “Caelan? Caelan, are you in here?”

“Back here!” A voice called.

“What are you doing?” Gavynn spluttered, venturing closer.

“Trying to stop it!” The tall boy pushed up on the sagging thatch with a board in an effort to support it.

A creaking noise rippled across the remaining timbers.

“It’s too late. Get out now. You’re mad!”

“And you’re a coward!”

Gavynn felt a familiar anger, but he reached out and jerked the boy away from his work just as a sagging beam fell. Caelan gasped and didn’t resist as Gavynn pulled him out the door and up the street to his own cottage. He pounded on the door, and it opened immediately.

“Gavynn!” His stepmother’s eyes went wide and she stepped aside to let them in. “Are you all right?”

“Yes, Anwen. I’m all right, I think.”

He barred the door against the storm.

Copyright 2019 Kate Willis

A Phone Call with the Dropcap Ninja

A Phone Call with the Dropcap Ninja

Today I…

  1. Did some final, minor edits on “The Night Archers”.
  2. Gawked over the full spread of my cover.
  3. Learned some formatting tips and tricks from my sister Perry Elisabeth over the phone. (Dropcaps are so cool! So is Perry.)
  4. Formatted.
  5. Almost bought an ice cream sandwich. Was saved by having no change on hand.
  6. Formatted some more.
  7. Added back in some formatting that had gone missing.
  8. Previewed my files.
  9. Found a missing quotation mark and guided it home.
  10. Ate some sort of food sometime.
  11. Was surprised by and grateful for some amazing formatting options. (Can’t wait for you all to see them!)
  12. Uploaded my files. *sucks in a deep breath*
  13. Scheduled some exciting sales on my other books. (Stay tuned.)
  14. Sent e-copies to my reviewers and beta-readers! ❤
  15. Wrote this blog post.
  16. Thought about food again.
  17. Realized there was still some day left I could do something with. 😉

I am soooo excited to share this book with you! It’s a little surreal that I’m this close to releasing this book since I’ve been working on it for so long. 😉 It’s happening in just the next few days, y’all!

Thank you all for your patience and encouragement! ❤

18. Got off the computer.

The Night Archers Excerpt (+ Reviewers Needed!)

The Night Archers Excerpt (+ Reviewers Needed!)

It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything related to “The Night Archers”, so here’s an excerpt of what might be one of my favorite scenes. Gavynn and his archers are gearing up for action… (Insert obligatory this-is-not-the-final-draft warning here. 😀 )

A team of rebels rammed at the gates with a heavy log. Others held shields above their heads while Sir Heywan stood just out of bow range and directed their work. Gavynn clenched his teeth and turned toward his camp.

“Caelan, Rogan, you, and you,” he pointed out two more archers, “to me. Bring your bows.”

They grabbed helmets and ran forward, and Caelen tossed his bow up toward him. Gavynn caught it and strung it, then said aloud. “Let’s slow them down.”

They let loose a volley that glanced off the shields and embedded in the grass at the rebels’ feet. They paused in their work, but a shout from Sir Heywan sent them forward again.

“No good,” Gavynn said. He motioned to his archers to duck down and pulled off his helmet. “We only have so many arrows. Wait until they break rhythm with the men holding the shields and shoot then.”

They stood up again, bows taut and eyes narrowed in anticipation. Gavynn glanced at Sir Heywan and saw the mocking smile that twisted his features. He focused down the length of his arrow and murmured, “So, you’ve heard of our cavalry, meet our archers.”

I love my boys. XD

So, other reason for this post–I need early readers! 😀 Sign up HERE or HERE. (It’s the same link, I’m just being weird.) (Update: the sign-up is full! Thanks, everyone! :D)

And FYI, I’ll be sending chapter one to my newsletter subscribers in the next few days, so keep an eye out for that. 😀

Have a great week!

Plate Update: Spies, Welsh, and Buddy Reads

Plate Update: Spies, Welsh, and Buddy Reads

Does anyone know what happened to May? I have my calendar here to prove that it happened, but still… 2019 is galloping by. XD

Last month’s plate was full of… more cake. I love this baking thing. 😀 (Oh, and this series is actually named after the idea of a “full plate” being all the responsibilities and projects and celebrations in life, but I still mention food because I like to.)

Anyway, here’s a quick update on my full plate last month…

Pleasure read:

Red Rover, Red Rover (five stars)

The Unsung Hero of Birdsong, USA (five stars)

Lightporter (read-aloud, four stars)

Plan to Fail (five stars)

Beautiful Blue World (buddy read, four stars)

Opposite of Always (two stars)

Bad Things, Small Packages (five stars)

Threads of Blue (buddy read, four stars)


Emails and texts

“Book or movie?” in a vlog with Anna


Using half a cake mix

Strawberry cake

Gymnast hair (oh, the strange research authors do! 😛 )

Person of Interest fanvideos ❤

Welsh words

Enneagram types

How to steal–er, download–videos off Facebook

Congress/House of Reps

Granola recipes

Food allergies 😦


How to pronounce “Mjolnir” (very important)


Reviews, like crazy XD

Character profiles for a future story

My summer reading list 😀

Blog posts (the top five being My Bookshelf Had a Growth Spurt; A Fangirl-y, Suprisingly Thoughtful-y Vlog with Anna; The 5 Stages of Finishing a Book; I Love Duologies; and Books with Friends.)


5,194 words on “The Night Archers”

A friend’s blog


Baked cakes x 4 (one was a cheesecake) 😀

Watched Avengers: Endgame again… 😉

Organized my new bookshelf!

Made a really fun greeting card

I also had some amazing celebrations/hangouts with family and friends, ate the world’s best Oreo ice cream, and enjoyed a double buddy read with Mikayla. 😉

In the remainder of this month, I’m looking forward to releasing “The Night Archers”, prepping for the Generation Rising booth at the homeschool convention next month, and experimenting with some web design. And we’ll see what else God sends my way. 😉

How was your May? What are you looking forward to this month?

A Shiny Thing!!! (A.K.A. Cover Reveal)

A Shiny Thing!!! (A.K.A. Cover Reveal)

Guys, a thing happened. A shiny thing. 😀

Today I’m going to show you the AMAZING cover for “The Night Archers”!!!!

But before I do, I just want to tell you… This has been a long journey. I had a lot of doubts about the story, a lot of roadblocks both emotionally and logistically, and times I felt like quitting. God stuck with me all the way through this, and I love how He keeps teaching me through the stories I’m trying to tell. 😉

So today I’m very relieved, grateful, and EXCITED to share the cover and synopsis with you. 😀

Do you want to see it?


It is sooo pretty.

And a bit epic.

There’s fire.

And greenness.

And Gavynn, a character I’m sure you’re going to love.


A failed test. Ruined crops. Night archers.

The war against the rebels rages, and Riverside’s famous cavalry is called to the King’s aid, leaving behind the women, children, and Gavynn.

Gavynn thinks he knows why he was the only man left behind. Every day in the village is a painful reminder. But storms, sickness, and sudden danger threaten his people, forcing him into an unexpected role.

Could his failure be a blessing in disguise?

Add on Goodreads

Preorder in ebook on Amazon (releases 5/29!)

There you go! Have a great rest of your evening. 😀

Half and Half

Half and Half

Camp NaNoWriMo day two is in the bag! 😀 I just hit halfway through chapter two of my story, and I’m still getting a feel for it. I plan for this mostly to be an epistolary (told through letters) story, but I have some setting up/character development to do before the letters happen. 😀 Right now my MC is very bored with a Christmas party, and I’m coming up with things for her to do to distract herself. 😉 She is rather critical of the other guests at this point in the story… *grimaces*

Today… SNACKS HAPPENED! Our older sister Perry was over to write with us, so we decided to make it an official party and grab some snacks. #TeamCandyCorn Here’s a picture of our goofy faces and the snack bounty. 😉

I wrote about 800 words today (score!), but the project most of my day was spent on was actually “The Night Archers”! It’s a little hard to see the whole story on the computer and how each chapter relates to the others, so I printed it out at Staples over the weekend. *pauses to geek* It’s like a real manuscript, guys!!! Thanks to my sweet friend Lydia, I have colored pens aplenty, so I spent part of yesterday and most of today marking up the manuscript and getting a clear vision of how to move forward with this draft. 😉 Isn’t it delightfully messy??? 😀

I was on such a roll today with it, and it went really well, which I see as a gift from God since I’ve been pretty tired lately. 😉

So today’s writing time has been half about one story and half about the other. 😀 (And 70% snacks. 😛 )

How did your writing go today? Or if your day was about something else, how was that?

Voted Most Likely Blogger Tag

Voted Most Likely Blogger Tag

The super awesome Abigail Harder tagged me for this, and it looked like so much fun, I couldn’t resist. 😉 Thanks, Abigail!

I hereby introduce you to… the Voted Most Likely Blogger tag!


Rule 1: The Doctor lies. Oops, sorry, that wasn’t it…

Real Rule 1: Thank the lovely blogger who tagged you. (Thanks again, Abigail! 😀 )

Rule 2: Include this link to the original tag (

Rule 3: Use your own lovely Original Characters (OC’s); don’t use a friend’s characters or characters from your favorite fandom. They can be from any project, so long as you created them. For more fun, try to use as many different characters as possible.

Rule 4: Tag at least five lovely blogger friends to play along.

I’m gonna do my best to use characters from my published works and two main WIPs “The Night Archers” and “Imperfect” so hopefully y’all know who I’m talking about. 😉 This is gonna be so much fun!

Here goes…

Most Likely to Become a Poet

Gavynn from “The Night Archers”. While he seems really practical and put together on the outside, he has a hard backstory and some personal angst which pretty much spells poet material. And he does get downright poetic while describing a sunrise.

Most Likely to Dance in the Rain

Destiny!!! The amazing best friend from Kiera. She is a farmgirl princess, and you can bet that she would dressup and go dance in the rain. 😀

Most Likely to Look Good in a Kilt

I honestly don’t know… My artistic Kylee from “Imperfect” could probably pull it off in her own way. Knowing her, she’d probably pair it with a chunky gray sweater double braids.

Most Likely to Get Punched in the Face

It’s a tie between Kent (from Kiera) and Sir Larkin (from The Twin Arrows) for very different reasons. Kent, because, well… He gets pretty obnoxious during the kitchen scene. *shudders* And Sir Larkin because he would be protecting someone else. XD

Most Likely to Drop Everything and Become a Sheep Herder

Destiny, again. Seriously, would she not be the most capable, fashionable, and hilarious sheep herder ever? She already takes care of the family cows, anyway, so I think she’d be good at this.

Most Likely Found in a Library

Brennan is probably my most bookish character to date. I can just picture him getting lost in a library, leaning one elbow on a stack of books while devouring some fantastical but richly deep book.

Most Likely to Sleep Through an Earthquake

I feel like Aric (from Kiera) and Caelan (from “The Night Archers”) would both do this. Aric because he’s a teenager, and Caelan because he’s a teenager and suuuupppperrrr exhausted the entire book. #mypoorbaby

Most Likely to Steal Food from Other People’s Plates

Destiny. 😀 Nuff said.

Most Likely to Cheat on a Test

I don’t know, actually. If you have an idea of who, comment with it.

Most Likely to Say “Oops” After Setting Something on Fire

My dear Canary (from Enjoy the Poodle Skirt) seems most likely to be both klutzy and super calm about weird situations. Also, she works at a restaurant, so I feel like she’d have more opportunity to do this…

Most Likely to Open an Orphanage

Kiera and Brennan would soooo do this together and be adorable doing it. ❤

Most Likely to Run Off to the Circus

I’d say, Drewin (from The Twin Arrows), and not just because he runs away in his book. Even after his character arc, he still craves adventure, so I feel like he’d fit best with the circus.

Most Likely to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Sir Larkin, hands down. He’s got skills. 😀

Most Likely to Fake Their Own Death

Definitely Ian (from Kiera and my brother’s novel Crossroads). He’s got all the tech, contacts, and reasons to do this. *wants to write a short story now*

Most Likely to Die and Haunt Friends

Joss from “Imperfect”. I feel like if he were to die, his friends (and I) would be pretty heartbroken and be haunted by it happening. And he would definitely go out in a self-sacrificial way…


And there you go! That was super fun (and a little hard) to answer! If you have alternate answers, I’d love to hear them in the comments. 😀

I tag:

Allison @Allison’s Well

Anna @A Storynerd’s Life

Rebekah @Read Another Page

Kellyn @Reveries

Malachi @Brainstorms with Rain

And anyone else who wants to give this a try! 😉

And the Rewriting Continues!

And the Rewriting Continues!

I knocked out four chapters of rewriting last week! Thanks to them being “easy” chapters, some really YUMMY chocolate, and God providing time and concentration. 😉

Today I emailed sent a preliminary email to my beta-readers, started work with my cover designer (SQUEEE!), and knocked out another chapter. Just two more to go! 😀

In celebration, here’s an excerpt… (Have mercy on my unfinished-manuscript-ness, please.)

They shouldered their tools and wove through the streets toward home. Evening was falling like a cloak around them, but the sun still hung on just above the mountains. Footsteps sounded behind them as they reached the little house. Gavynn half-turned, closing both hands tightly around the handle of his shovel.

“Excuse me, lads. Would ya ‘appen to know where I can find a blacksmith or a marshall?” The man twisted his hands. “My horse lost a shoe jes outside of town.”

Caelan answered, “Yes, we do. In a way, I mean. He has to—”

“We don’t have one,” Gavynn cut him off.

“A town this size? With ‘orse stalls aplenty? Any apprentices, anythin’?” The man threw up his hands. “I ‘ave to be to Borron by tomorrow evening.”

“We’re his apprentices, sir,” Caelan said, daring Gavynn to interrupt him again. “Our skills should be enough to get you to Borron where you can find a master smith.”

“Much obliged to ya, boy. I’ll jes bring my ‘orse and wagon around up ‘ere in a few,” the stranger answered.

Gavynn turned on the boy as soon as the man had left. “Why did you tell him we were apprentices?” he hissed.

“I was apprenticed to my father, and now you’re apprenticed to me. I’ll walk you through.”

Gavynn muttered.

“He’s a peddler by the look of him, and he’ll have news,” Caelan added. “You’re stuck at home, and I miss my father. We could use a little news of the outside world.”

“Stuck is right, and now I’ve been apprenticed,” Gavynn grumbled, but he lit a few lanterns and helped set up a makeshift shoeing stock.

The night grew cold with the breeze of a coming storm. Caelan built a roaring fire and stamped around the yard, keeping an anxious eye out for the peddler. Gavynn sorted through the blacksmith’s tools that had survived the fire. They were smoke-blackened but intact. He glanced up to see Caelan and the peddler leading a worn, bony mare up to the shoeing stock.

Honestly, I think Caelan had a point here, because they get some really interesting, important news in this next scene, but I can’t blame Gavynn for being disgruntled by suddenly being an apprentice. XD

I hope you enjoyed, and I can’t wait to share the whole book with! 😉

Let’s Review

Let’s Review

Just less than an hour left until the new year! Can you believe it? And are you excited?!!

For the last couple of days, I’ve been thinking about goals for next year, looking forward to starting a new devotional, and just today I set a new reading goal on Goodreads. But before the new year is officially here, I’d like to reflect on 2018, its blessings, happenings, and all its things.

(Wow, using the word “reflect” sounds so serious and legit.)

In the blogging sphere…

I’ve branched out a little bit from my strict topic schedule (what with all the blog tours, a party, and a book release!), and it’s been really fun. This was actually only my second full year of blogging, so sometimes I feel like I’m still figuring things out a little bit but you’ve all been so patient with me and my bad photography and the like. Thank you! ❤ (Also, I started a newsletter and that’s fun…)

I looked up my stats for the top five posts of this year (except things including giveaways, because that’s an unfair advantage XD), and here’s what the numbers show…

  1. Flash Fiction with Anna was so much fun! We both ended up really enjoying our stories, and I hope we can do this again soon.
  2. A Day in My Life As An Author makes me happy just rereading it. I’m so blessed by my life. ❤
  3. The Generation Rising Team Rides Again is full of blurry pictures and a lot of fun memories. We sold books at the homeschool convention again, and I got to debut my brand new novel! 😀 (Also, there was ice cream.)
  4. Kiera Release Day!!! and
  5. The Proof Is in the Copy were both HUGE moments of my year. I’ve always wanted to write a novel, and finishing Kiera was a dream come true and a big blessing. And you all were soooo supportive and amazing! ❤

And my personal favorites are *probably* Lessons from Clearanced Chocolate and An Avoidance of Strawberries.

In the reading sphere…

This was a record-breaking book year! I’ve found so many new, good books at the library and through Goodreads and from you guys especially! Check out the super cool summary of my reading year that Goodreads put together for me. I’m calling this “Year of the Re-read”. 😀

And this means it’s time for a super-scary-break-this-bookworms-heart list of top five favorites. *cries* *apologizes to all the books I’m not mentioning*

I actually already wrote this list for Five Fall Favorites, and it’s still pretty accurate so I’m just gonna go with that. (Though Unshakable Hope and Anomaly were a couple I read after this post that were pretty amazing too…)

In the writing sphere…

It’s been a good writing year as I’ve mentioned before. 😉

I recently discovered that I apparently really like lists, so I’m gonna make this section a list too, just for fun. 😀 Five favorite writing things…

  1. Working on the sequel to The Twin Arrows. It’s been a hard process actually, but I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m hoping and praying to get this book to you all soon. 😉
  2. Rewriting, working with beta-readers, editing, and publishing my novel Kiera. I can still barely believe that I’m the author of a full-length novel! My beta-readers, my editor, my family, my reviewers, my release team, my Generation Rising buddies, and everyone else have been so amazing. And God used the message of my novel and the act of writing it quite a lot in my life. ❤
  3. Writing flash fiction with Anna, once again. I need to do more spontaneous writing, and I’m looking forward to getting back into some journaling and the like.
  4. Expanding and publishing The Least of These for all you Kiera (or is it Jade?) fans and new friends of the book. I love this little story.
  5. Planning, loving, and writing 1/3 of the first draft of my novella “Imperfect”. I’m so excited about this project, and I’m looking forward to working on it more next year. 😀

I’ve also written gobs of reviews. XD Do those count, exactly? 😉

(We did Cow Appreciation Day this year. So fun and funny!)

Life outside of things I regularly post about on this blog has been so… full. Full like you feel after you’ve eaten an amazing dinner and stuffed a piece of cheesecake in on top. God has given me an honest, hilarious, and loving family that seems to grow all the time. (My nephews grow inches every time I see them. <3) We’ve shared so many good conversations and celebrations and artistic things.

He’s given me nerd friends and texting friend and book friends and blogging friends and sibling friends. I’ve been so floored by how many and muchly of you there are.

He’s given me lessons in marketing, data entry, empathy and social justice, gluten-free baking, and hope, hope, hope. And strength to follow through on what I’ve learned. (And forgiveness when I don’t.) 😉

Thank You, Lord.

How has your year been? And what are you grateful for?

(I love this version of Auld Lang Syne!)

Next year is gonna be awesome! Get some sleep, folks!

Happily Busy

Happily Busy

First of all, HAPPPPPPYYY AUTUMN!!! I wore a sweater last week, and I can’t wait our weather is cool enough for that to become a regular thing. I love my sweaters. ❤

Even though I believe in letting autumn be autumn (and we’re slowly decorating the house with pretties), I’ve been working on a Christmas story. 😀 I wrote a prequel short story to Kiera a couple years ago, and I’ve been working with beta-readers to get it all shiny for release as an ebook this Christmas. 😉


(You can add this short story to your TBR on Goodreads.)

I also made some progress last week on the sequel to The Twin Arrows! Third draft in the bag and that much closer to getting it to beta-readers then into y’all’s hands. 😉 Just for fun, here’s an excerpt.

Caelan came over to join them, stretching his long legs out in front of him and letting his eyes droop shut. The crackle of the fire and the low murmur of conversation tempted Gavynn to do the same, but he sat up straight, wrapping his arms around himself, and waited to see what the widow would say about the baby.

“Farren,” she finally spoke loud enough for them to hear. “Would you come look at the baby, please? I need a second opinion.”

Gavynn flinched at her words, but the girl pulled herself to her feet and walked toward the sound of her mother’s voice. Her hair glowed like spun gold in the firelight as she joined Widow Elana and the baby’s anxious mother.

Farren leaned down and listened to the baby breathe. Her face was solemn and her eyebrows drawn together as she strained to hear. Gavynn held his own breath as he watched her. In her own way, Farren could see more than anyone else.

“It’s in his chest but not deeply yet. We should do the poultice,” she decided.

“Thank you, dear.”

I just love these characters. 😀

I’ve been obsessing over enjoying a new folk cd by one of my favorite artists. I was a Kickstarter backer, so I like it extra. 😛


(^^Himalayas by Scott Mulvahill)

Also, be proud of me–I’m reading not one but two dystopian novels right now and they’re both re-reads. 😀


I’m having fun noticing those special details that slip by the first time and also picking up on (and picking apart 😉 ) their worldviews.

And lastly, today I’m working on my posts for this year’s Five Fall Favorites party next week! ❤ I’m really excited about the genres we’ve chosen for this year, and I think you’re gonna love what we recommend. Stay tuned for that. 😀 😀 (And I happen to know that the Grand Prize for the giveaway is AMAZING. 😉 )

I better disappear know and get some sustenance before I return to my monstrous project of party preparation.* Have a lovely day!


*Alliteration is a side effect of hunger.**


**This has not been scientifically proven.***