Plate Update: Quilting, the Galaxy, and School

Septemberrrr!! How I love thee!! But I’m supposed to be talking about August, so… *stuffs autumnal Kate back in closet with sweaters* August was a very full and very varied month. ūüėČ *catches breath* Here‚Äôs a quick update on what I did last month. This full plate included cheese sticks and granola bars on the … More Plate Update: Quilting, the Galaxy, and School

Plate Update: Packages, British Accents, and My WIP

A little over a year ago, I wrote a blog post called “What’s On My Plate?”¬†Basically it contained a picture of me with a dinner plate piled high with all the books, projects, and notebooks begging for my attention. I’m was grinning kind of wryly and preparing to “dig in” with a huge knife and … More Plate Update: Packages, British Accents, and My WIP

The Beta-Reading Tips at the End of the Universe

Beta-reading is so much fun! I love helping authors improve their stories any way I can and seeing the finished product is always heart happy. ūüėȬ†I’ve written a post on it before, geekily titled “The Beta-Reader’s Guide to the Galaxy”, but since then I’ve picked up a few more tips to help myself (and hopefully … More The Beta-Reading Tips at the End of the Universe

Little Free Library Love

We first discovered¬†Little Free Libraries¬†in a book checked out from our regular library.¬†Basically, it’s a small cabinet (almost like a big birdhouse) set up in a central location for neighbors¬†to¬†“take a book, leave a book”. I loved this community-building idea so much, I spent time looking at the website and searching pictures of creative ideas … More Little Free Library Love

Book or Movie?

I watched the movie adaptation of The Book Thief earlier this year and fell in love with it. (Because it’s about words!)¬†;D Then I got to immerse myself in a filtered copy of the book these past two months, and I fell even harder in love with it. *big grin* If you asked me which … More Book or Movie?

Dream Book Is FREE

I’m always looking for great cliche slayers and genre busters, so¬†one day a little over a year ago I posed this idea to my older sister Perry Elisabeth. Me (paraphrased :P): “You know how people are always going into another world and automatically becoming its savior? What if someone did go to another world, and … More Dream Book Is FREE

Inventing Words

Today I’ve been working on my story some more and following in the footsteps of William Shakespeare (except for the immoral characters and mix-ups) by inventing¬†my own words. So far I’ve irritated spell check with two words–lunchers and snungry.¬†Snungry, you say? Here’s a handy definition. Snun.gry adjective a state of hunger only satisfied by a … More Inventing Words

Grammar Surprise

I posted on my Goodreads yesterday: “Moving to Britain. They have better punctuation rules.” Let me elaborate. ūüėČ I was helping my brother with his grammar lesson yesterday when I noticed a sentence that bothered me: Today we read the story “The Observing Judge.” Why did the period come before the quotation marks?¬†It looked totally … More Grammar Surprise