Happy Cake Week!

Last night I finally got to watch the very first episode of 2021’s Great British Bake-Off. 😍😍 As someone who fell in love with and binged the whole show last year, it’s truly a delight to get to watch it in semi-realtime. I’m already in love with this year’s batch of bakers, and I could … More Happy Cake Week!

The Masked Baker

Last year brought about a lot of changes, and one of my favorites (besides my relationship status 😉) is the shift in my creativity. I don’t just have to be a writer, y’all, and though that hurts a little to recognize, it’s also been fun and incredibly healthy to explore other areas of creativity. The … More The Masked Baker

The MCU Tag

I apparently cannot pass up a good tag. 😉 Jenna Terese did this one on her blog, and since she left it open to anyone, I decided to snap it up. 😉 (No Thanos pun intended.) Caution: SPOILERS may abound. The rules: Feel free to include the above graphic somewhere in your post (but it’s … More The MCU Tag

The Stationery Tag

I was tagged by Bekah from Bekah’s Books, and I’m excited to get to nerd out about books and stationery for a bit with you all. 😉 Thanks, Bekah! Be sure to check out her post here. Journal—What kind of journaling do you do (if any, scrapbooking included)? Share a favorite spread and share a … More The Stationery Tag