Happy Cake Week!

Last night I finally got to watch the very first episode of 2021’s Great British Bake-Off. 😍😍 As someone who fell in love with and binged the whole show last year, it’s truly a delight to get to watch it in semi-realtime.

I’m already in love with this year’s batch of bakers, and I could only wish to make mini rolls as precisely and beautifully as Giuseppe’s. Honestly, I want to try all the recipes now.

It’s too early on for me to have opinions on who’s going to win, but I’m excited to watch this unfold.

The only reason I watched it so late (just two days *cough*) was because I was having a cake week of my own.

This crazy, crazy week of mine, with a ton of support from my family and Joshua, I baked, stacked, frosted, packaged up, and sold mini cupcakes and small cakes at a ladies’ event our church hosted.


My booth in action. My mom and sisters brought decorating supplies and an enormous pumpkin and helped me set up this table. We kept some stock inside the building but stacked a lot on my table.

Aren’t the boxes adorable?!

Some of my favorite cakes. 🤤 Chocolate, vanilla, and chocolate coffee. I also had some spiced coffee ones there too.

My sister Perry made the labels, and I totally felt like a real professional. 😉

It was a ton of fun, and people were so generous and excited for me. ❤️

Now, what week comes next? 😁

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Kate Willis

Kate Willis likes nothing more than a good story and a thoughtful conversation, preferably with a side of chai tea. Her love for Jesus Christ and her big, closeknit family inspire every story. She is an avid reader and enjoys writing for all ages.

5 thoughts on “Happy Cake Week!”

  1. Oh Kate, they look so lovely! What do the labels say exactly?
    I’ve also heard that one of the GBB show’s former contestant started her own show on Netflix (her name is Nadia, I think??) Have you seen that one too?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, thank you so much! 🤗 They say “KAKE etcetera”, a takeoff on my name merged with cake because that’s how my nephews say it. 😉

      Yesss! Nadiya has a cooking show and a baking show and I’ve seen some of each. She’s one of my favorite contestants, and her season is so inspiring.


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