DSC09964 (1)Hi! I’m Kate Willis, author of Once Upon an Ordinary and many other things as well. ; ) I come from a family that breathes stories, so when I list my hobbies it’s hilarious how many have to do with words. I have self-published one book for middle grade readers called The Treasure Hunt. It started out as a gift for one of my sisters, but my mom encouraged me to make it available to other young readers as well. Since then, I have written five more stories that are currently in the editing stages with two more that are slowly working themselves out onto paper. (Very slowly.) I’ve written (or half written) something in every genre, but I think I tend to gleefully overuse medieval. I have yet to write anything of novel length, but I look forward to the experience when I grow in my skill and inspiration. ; ) Other word-related projects include administrative work on a homeschooled authors networking blog, short story submissions to a website for aspiring writers, and preparing to publish my second book. I love the Gospel, red shoes, a good story, little children, great conversations, and chai tea. I hope you are blessed by this ordinary blog!

If you have any comments or questions (now I sound like a food label), feel free to drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you!