Half and Half

Camp NaNoWriMo day two is in the bag! πŸ˜€ I just hit halfway through chapter two of my story, and I’m still getting a feel for it. I plan for this mostly to be an epistolary (told through letters) story, but I have some setting up/character development to do before the letters happen. πŸ˜€ Right … More Half and Half

Stories at War

There are three stories that have been fighting for my brain space this week (and I’ll let you guess which one won the most). First, “The Story I Should Be Working On”, a.k.a. “The Night Archers”, sequel to The Twin Arrows. I researched lightning strikes, medieval terms for family members, and even *almost* named the … More Stories at War

Happily Busy

First of all, HAPPPPPPYYY AUTUMN!!! I wore a sweater last week, and I can’t wait our weather is cool enough for that to become a regular thing. I love my sweaters. ❀ Even though I believe in letting autumn be autumn (and we’re slowly decorating the house with pretties), I’ve been working on a Christmas … More Happily Busy

Plate Update: Hedgehogs, Nettles, and Orphans

*waves to August* *gawks in surprise that it’s really gone* August was full of celebrations and work and sweet family moments. Here’s a quick update on my full plate last month.Β πŸ˜‰ Pleasure read: Wires and Nerve (four stars) The Tail of Emily Windsnap (three stars) The More the Merrier (three stars) Ember Falls (five stars) … More Plate Update: Hedgehogs, Nettles, and Orphans


“So, Kate, how is your book going?” *slides library book under couch* *minimizes Goodreads* *shuts tab with a video of a Food Network baker making a cake that looks like a pizza* *exits four Wikipedia tabs* Uh, I’ve been taking a little break. πŸ˜‰ Don’t worry, it hasn’t been all cake and research, I’ve been … More Standstill