Gold and Silver Stars (Excerpt from Imperfect)

Draft 2 of “Imperfect” is getting so close! I’m just four chapters away from finishing making the changes I marked up and finding some good solutions to problems I previously identified. *rubs hands together* Just for fun, here’s a (rough) excerpt of one of my favorite scenes. 😉 • • • I walked across the … More Gold and Silver Stars (Excerpt from Imperfect)

It’s Red All Over

A month or two ago, I printed off the first draft of my WIP “Imperfect”, stapled it together in chapter-sized bites, found my red pen, and let the lovely stack haunt the top of my desk. Eventually that stack turned into two: “marked up” and “to mark up”. I’d grab a chapter or two when … More It’s Red All Over

Upcoming and Exciting

I’m excited about two word-related things right now… #1? The other day, I printed off draft one of “Imperfect”. You probably heard me cackling in excitement. 😆 Then I stapled it together in segments of a chapter or two, located my red pen, and got to work. 😉 I haven’t had a lot of time … More Upcoming and Exciting

My Bookish World

Last week I posted about the strange writing stasis I find myself in. No big projects, half-ideas, and maybe a little bit of rest needed. 😉 I’ve still had the insane bug to write, write, write, and I recently found a very fun and restful way to satisfy that while waiting for the big, important … More My Bookish World

2019 in Review ;)

A long time ago in 2016, some friends and I were commenting on a sci-fi looking outfit. “Woah, that looks like it’s from 2020 or something.” Seconds later, we all freaked out when we realized that sci-fi-sounding date was only four years away. And now 2020 is today. O.o. Start practicing writing it on papers … More 2019 in Review 😉

Plate Update: LEGO, Sherlock Holmes, and Autumn

October was weirdly half-autumn, half-summer, but it was a good month. 😉  Last month’s full plate included some cheesecake. 😀 Here’s an update on my full plate… Pleasure read: Beneath a Prairie Moon (four stars) Perception (four stars) How to Read a Book (picture book, three stars)  The Bookshop Girl (five stars) Beta-read (eeek!): Gingerbread … More Plate Update: LEGO, Sherlock Holmes, and Autumn