Tonight ends the first week of Advent when we light the candle of hope and celebrate the anticipation of Christ’s birth. Each night this week, we’ve been discussing the Messianic prophecies, reading through our Advent calendar, and singing “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”. This time was a little different–and a lot more special. My oldest … More Candlelight

Deck the Halls…

…with stacks of homework! Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, laaaaa!!! (Yes, I had to mentally count those. No, I don’t have a math class this year.) I do, however, have several other classes that are quickly wrapping up! Finals are quite exciting and brain-stretching. 😉 Today I turned in the final draft … More Deck the Halls…

The Boy on the Roof

Our house is decorated for Christmas now! White icicle lights sparkle along the eaves, casting a glow on the wreaths hanging over the windows. My brother climbed up on the roof last night and hung icicle lights along the high eaves. (It was especially funny when one of my sister’s furniture customers dropped by and Paul … More The Boy on the Roof

Plate Update: Pumpkins, Bows, and Christmas Coming

Thank you, Lord, for November. It truly was a beautiful month. This month’s full plate was stacked high with Thanksgiving food! I even made extra-special-but-not-so-traditional cheesecake for part of our celebration. So yummy. 😉 Here’s a quick update on what I did last month. 😉 Read for review: Suit and Suitability (four stars) Christmas Eve at … More Plate Update: Pumpkins, Bows, and Christmas Coming

I’m Grateful

Happy Thanksgiving week, y’all! Here are five things I’m grateful in no particular order. My homework is turned in, and I’m alive, and I have a corner of brain left. YeEEES! (My short story was only 75 minutes late being turned in… A.K.A. 1:15 am, but my teacher was nice and didn’t reduce my grade. … More I’m Grateful