In Word-Related News

I haven’t written a single new word on my novella this week. Which is bad for wordcount goals, but good for other things. 😉 Like finishing two books I’ve been reading for FOREVER. 😀 I started reading this book last month and made it pretty far before stopping because I felt very stressed by the … More In Word-Related News

Plate Update: Threads, Sour Cream, and Storytime

I blinked and October was over. O.o. *waves* October’s full plate had a few squares of almond flour coffee cake because I enjoyed experimenting with/perfecting new flavors. 😀 Anyway, here’s a quick update on my full plate last month. 😉 Pleasure read: Echoes of Mercy (three stars) Like Magic (three stars) Henry and the Chalk Dragon … More Plate Update: Threads, Sour Cream, and Storytime

Meet My New Project!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve started a brand new writing project that wasn’t a short story. 😉 This November, even though I’m not officially doing NaNo, I’m taking advantage of the hype to work on writing a 30k word dystopian novella. (I guess that makes me a NaNoRebel…) Eeeeekk!! 😉 (My username … More Meet My New Project!

Another Blue Book

I love looking at my Goodreads reading challenge and admiring all the pretty colors and designs of the covers. But this year it’s been amusing and chagrining me just how many of the books I’ve read are blue. Seriously, it’s crazy! (Take a look for yourself. 😉 ) And I have at least two more books … More Another Blue Book


I was just thinking about how I’m not a hugger. I don’t hate hugs, but I also don’t “get” them. It means much more to me for someone to make eye contact, smile, and ask me what I think about the message of The Wizard of Oz and if the book or the movie was … More Translation

Plate Update: Football, Christmas Cards, and Himalayas

So… this is late. 😀 I usually post my “Plate Update” (a quick review of what I accomplished/experienced off my “full plate” the month before) in the first week of a new month, but between that amazing Five Fall Favorites party and some other things I wanted to post last week… here we are. 😀 … More Plate Update: Football, Christmas Cards, and Himalayas