a very bookish romance // cover reveal!!

a very bookish romance // cover reveal!!

Are you ready?

To see the cover for our Valentine’s Day anthology?



Here you go!

A Very Bookish Romance, coming January 2024 from authors Sarah Holman, Kellyn Roth, J. Grace Pennington, Abigayle Claire, and myself. I had so much fun creating this cover, and I can’t wait for you to experience our stories. ❤

Today is the last day to get a copy of A Very Bookish Easter, so be sure to snag one on Amazon.

If the Stars Awaken // Beta-readers Needed!

If the Stars Awaken // Beta-readers Needed!

“If the Stars Awaken” is ready for beta-readers!!! 🥳🥳💃

I’ve been working on this novel for a few years now, and at long last, it is time to invite you into the process.

Do you like to read?

Apocalyptic fantasy? With Christian themes? And really cute characters?

I need you (picture me as an author’s version of the vintage Uncle Sam recruitment poster) to help out by beta-reading! 😉

I have five slots total (and a couple are already taken 😱), so if you’d like to be considered, please sign up here.

You won’t regret it. 😉

Title Reveal Time!

Title Reveal Time!

It is time





title reveal…


My fantasy novel you’ve previously known by its working title “Awake” is now “If the Stars Awaken”. And its projected release is this fall!

Here’s a sneak peek of what the story includes…

  • A really cute, wholesome marriage
  • The world’s best dog
  • A guard with scars
  • A driven apprentice
  • Unique fantasy elements in a medieval-ish world
  • Holding onto hope in God
  • End of the world stuff

And just for fun, here are a couple *rough draft* excerpts.

I’ll have more updates (and a beta-reading opportunity) for you soon, but for now, ahhhhh! 💖 Thanks for celebrating with me. 😉

For Sale: A Menagerie of Pre-Made Book Covers

For Sale: A Menagerie of Pre-Made Book Covers

I have a cover design problem; maybe you have a solution.

You see, I love designing them for absolutely no reason (although commissioned covers are fun too). Whenever I’m bored during a movie, waiting for something, or just randomly have a design idea, off I pop to Canva and I’m doodling up something.

Because of this, I have far too many cute covers without stories, and that’s where you come in. Would you be willing to buy one of these? Maybe there’s one that fits your current WIP, or a book that needs a design refresh, or one holds your next idea…

If you’d like to “rescue” a cover from the depths of my files, here’s how it works.

  1. You browse through and fall in love.
  2. Notice the letter and number on the caption.
  3. Fill out the Google form with that number and your info.
  4. I contact you, we do PayPal or CashApp, I customize the title/author name, and it’s all yours.

Simple as that. 😉 Let’s get to the covers…

These covers are ones that were more simple for me to make, and I’d like to offer them for $5 each.


This is my mid-tier flight of covers for $10 each.


And these are my top-tier covers for $25 each.

25E (author name fake)

I’m also currently offering custom ebook covers for $25 and an added back cover (to any cover you purchase) for $15.

If you’ve made it this far, here’s the Google Form where you can order.

Thanks for looking at my art! 😉

A Very Bookish Easter Is Here! (+Thank Yous)

A Very Bookish Easter Is Here! (+Thank Yous)

IT’S HEREEEEEEE!!!! Our anthology is finally born, and ebook copies are going out with paperbacks soon to follow. 😍😍😍

I hope you enjoy diving into this anthology this Easter season. 💖

I’m so overwhelmed with joy to be a part of this (and to be back as an author!), that I’m honestly out of words and emotions except happy dances and hugs. 🤷‍♀️

I think I’ll let my acknowledgments from the novella speak for me.

The author wishes to thank…

My Joshua—for your support, encouragement, and adorable face while I was trying to concentrate at the coffee shop that one time.

The Very Awesome Mikayla—for letting me send you chapters for motivation and for giving me the cupcake mascot.

Lillian Keith—for your encouraging comments on my blog throughout the whole process.

My A Very Bookish sisters, Sarah, Kelsey, and Abigayle—for having me as part of this anthology. It means so much to be in your company. 

My fabulous beta-reading team, Perry, Rosy, Kaitlyn, Havelah, and Rebekah—for your enthusiasm, thoughtful questions, and grammar skills. It’s been a delight to have you on my team. 

Kelsey—for the always amazing editing and encouragement.

Birkenfeld, Oregon—for being such a beautiful, dynamic place to grow up. Your people and your flowers fill the world with color.

God—for resurrecting me.

May hope invade your heart! 💖

Some Very Bookish Updates ;)

Some Very Bookish Updates ;)

Guys, I’m getting more and more excited by the day. 😍 It finally hit me today, after a video call with my fellow anthology authors, that this is real!

AHHHHHHHH!!! I’m here to spill all the details. 😉

First off, we have a blurb…

Nyree moves when she loses her job, hoping to reconnect with herself and her grandmother in time for Easter, but when she stumbles upon a hidden garden, she discovers just how much she’s been missing.
The Prayer Garden by Kelsey Bryant, inspired by The Secret Garden

Felicity goes out of her comfort zone and invites Adam Moore to Easter service, but their business rivalry has him ready to prove her evangelization wrong.
Lilies and Thorns by Abigayle Claire, inspired by Romeo and Juliet

Samuel is haunted by his past and unsettled by the present, but as the Easter season begins, Ellie could show him what his future could be.
An Easter Canticle by Sarah Holman, inspired by A Christmas Carol

Addie hopes for a fresh start when she and her family move to the mountains to live with Grandfather, but some wounds seem too deep to heal, even at Easter.
Addie’s Mountain by Kate Willis, inspired by Heidi

Four classic-inspired Easter stories full of hope, faith, and the miracle of resurrection.

And we have a release date–March 1st, 2023–which also means it’s AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER! *happy dance* We’ll have some pre-order goodies available soon to boot. 😉

And if you’d like to be part of the launch team (maybe get an ARC of one of the stories? 👀), you can sign up here.

Wow, that was a lot. I hope your week (and this new month!) is going well. 😉

*disappears back into cave* *temporarily*

Kiera Giveaway Winner!

Kiera Giveaway Winner!

Thanks so much everyone for entering! Your support throughout this blog tour has been so encouraging. 💙

By the power vested in Google’s random number generator, KylieHuntFilmDirectorsWife has won the giveaway! 🎉🎉

Congrats, Kylie! I will send your prize soon.

I hope you all have a good week, and I’ll be back soon with a review and some (very exciting) writing updates. ❤️

Kiera Release Day!!!

Kiera Release Day!!!




I think my unofficially official author picture sums up how I’m feeling perfectly.

One eye smiling and the other just a little bit crazy. 😉😉

This book has taken a lot. A lot of time, stamina, criticism, and creativity. But it’s also given me so much, and one of my favorites is you all. 💙

Thank you for all your enthusiasm and support!

Just Kiera chilling with some other real books. 💙

Buy on Amazon // Order hardcover

Bloggers we’re celebrating with today…

Kristina Hall


Saraina Whitney

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

New Words, Old Friends

New Words, Old Friends

Editing Kiera was an interesting experience, diving back into a book I’d started six years ago, reliving my writing style and characters, getting a new dose of imposter syndrome…

But this past week, I’ve experienced the fun side of revisiting these characters–a brand new story!

I’ve had ideas brewing in my mind for so long but never quite enough for a whole sequel, so a hardcover exclusive short story was just the chance I needed.

I. Absolutely. Loved. It.

Getting to hang out with “old friends” and progressing the worldbuilding just slightly as time passes and “the dystopia thickens”? A very happy author moment. 😁

Operation Robin includes…

  • Lots of Jade antics ❤️
  • An unexpected visitor
  • Ian on his way to being his epic self in Crossroads 😎
  • Kiera and Brennan texting 🥰
  • A resolution of THAT storyline you all have been asking about 👀

My heart crew of beta-readers volunteered to read it on very short notice (have to get it in to the formatter ASAP), and I truly couldn’t have done it without them.

Just for fun, here’s an excerpt…

Jade popped around the kitchen corner and giggled.

“Are you ready?” Kiera widened her eyes and raised her eyebrows, sending Jade shrieking and giggling back into the kitchen.

“One… two…” Better count slowly. Jade only knew up to ten. “Three…”

Kiera cleared the table as she counted. “Six… seven…” She doled out her morning supplements and took the injection the doctors had prescribed.

“Ten! Ready or not, here I come!”

Giggles, definitely from one of the lower cabinets brought a grin to her face, but she pretended not to hear.

I can’t wait for you all to read this one. ❤️

(“Operation Robin” will be available as part of the limited edition hardcover. Pre-order now.)