Plate Update: Dessert, British Detectives, and Edits

February is the shortest month of the year, right? Well, this one felt very looooonnng and jam-packed! 😉 Here’s a quick update on what I did last month. This full plate was a pretty balanced diet. Not to mention that huge dish of dessert…  Beta-read and read for review: Emmeline (five stars!) Beyond the Horizon (four … More Plate Update: Dessert, British Detectives, and Edits

Draft One–Done!

I finished the first draft of “Kiera” last week. Saturday to be exact, so I had more time to write. It was also raining, so I was feeling extra creative. Armed with these advantages and one more ingredient–encouragement from my family and a friend who let me recite the whole plot to her–I finished. 😉 … More Draft One–Done!

Life in Pencil

I have this cute calendar that helps me keep my brain on straight. I tried the digital thing, and no sirree! I need paper. I use it to track everything I need to do (blog posts, dentist appointments, and other lovely, important things) as well as what I have accomplished because I need to be reminded … More Life in Pencil

Happy Year’s End!

Anno Domini Two-Thousand and Sixteen draws to a close, ladies and gentlemen! Time to look back on the blessings and happenings of this past year. In the blogging sphere… I launched this blog in June with this introductory post. Since then I have had the privilege of interviewing authors, reviewing books, and getting to interact with all … More Happy Year’s End!

Seeds of Story

The Christmas lights sparkle half on the tree and half off as the decorating begins this evening. Soon we will turn on Christmas carols and hang ornaments. We have a tradition where our parents give us a special ornament every year. I love reliving the memories of past years as I find a place on … More Seeds of Story

Eyes Wide Open

I saw two happy people today. They were laughing over something together as they used the cross walk in front of us. Joy shone on their faces. I saw a clump of trees that looked like a poodle or maybe some type of dinosaur. I saw a cloud that looked like something else first and … More Eyes Wide Open

Bookish Happenings

Hello, I’m Shot Out of a Cannon. What’s your name? Last week was one of the longest, coolest weeks of my life. (I got to celebrate a family birthday, participate in a Jesse Tree ornament exchange, help with a wedding reception, make new friends, and babysit the world’s sweetest kids.) And somehow during all of … More Bookish Happenings

God in the Everyday

Since I’m a Christian author, I want to include my Savior in my stories. I do have my characters share the Gospel, listen to a short sermon in church, or seek advice; but one of my favorite ways to accomplish this is modeling a relationship with Christ in their everyday lives. When we first watched … More God in the Everyday