Busy Day, Good Day

Raise your hand if you almost entirely forgot to blog today! Just me? XD What have I been doing instead? Reading… Beta-reader comments, emails, reviews, etc. This is one of my favorite things about the publishing process, and I’ve been blessed with a pretty cool crew. 😉 I’ve been working on it almost all day, … More Busy Day, Good Day

Plate Update: Rereads, Strawberries, and Drafts

So, if April showers bring May flowers, then what do May flowers bring? Pilgrims, of course. (That’s my favorite joke. I just had to share it. Also, if you’re into that sort of thing, Happy Star Wars Day!) Anyway, here’s a quick update on my full plate last month. 😉 Pleasure read: Word of Mouse (three stars) … More Plate Update: Rereads, Strawberries, and Drafts

Spring Book Haul!

Dun, dun, da!! Time for a book haul post! 😀 This lovely stack includes books I’ve bought and books I received for my birthday last month. So much gorgeousness!! The Aggie’s Inheritance series is one of my all-time favorites, and I’ve been wanting to own it paperback for a while. I knew I had birthday … More Spring Book Haul!

The Aesthetic Tag

Wow, this looks like an awesome tag. Thanks so much, Victoria Lynn, for tagging me! Rules Post the tag photo in the body of your post and copy your post name from mine. Tag at least three friends who you know enjoy being authentic and real, or their blog seems to have that message. Answer … More The Aesthetic Tag

Plate Update: New Books, Nanaimo Bars, and Progress

March is over, spring has sprung, Christ is risen, and… hello. 😉 Here’s a quick update on my full plate last month. 😉 Pleasure read: Three Little Words (four stars) Summerlost (four stars) Kindred Souls (five stars) Dead Drop (aloud to siblings, five stars) The Little Prince (five stars) Wings of a Dream (five stars, again) … More Plate Update: New Books, Nanaimo Bars, and Progress

Break Time!

Hi, y’all! As you may have noticed, I didn’t blog yesterday (or reply to your comments). Sorry about that. 😉 I’m in the middle of a final for my marketing class, so brain space is limited. 😉 I’ve been mocking up a website as one element of my project. Did I mention? I’m really not … More Break Time!

Plate Update: Bookstores, Accents, and Five Chapters

February seemed like a very long month this time around, and it’s not even a leap year. 😉 (Also, can we talk about how weirdly it’s spelled?) My plate wasn’t super varied, but it was quite FULL! Here’s a quick update on what I did last month. 😉 Pleasure read: Slug Days (four stars) Muppet Sherlock Holmes … More Plate Update: Bookstores, Accents, and Five Chapters


I think one of my biggest problems is forgetfulness. I forget to put something away, do a chore, or say hello. Not that forgetfulness is unusual or that I’m especially prone to it. Forgetfulness causes big problems for me, especially when I forget something important. I was looking at my old blog the other day. … More Remember