I’m currently working on a novella called [Title Removed Because You Can’t Know It Yet, Sorry] set during Christmastime and told mostly through letters. 😉 I wrote the bulk of the first draft during Camp NaNoWriMo and have about another third to write.

The Night Archers, formerly known as Legend and other things, is in final edits and available for preorder. 😉 While it is officially a sequel to The Twin Arrows and some of the same characters do appear, Drewin and Ryla are not the main characters. I think you’ll love the new ones though! 😀 Find out more on… Pinterest. ; )

My novella Imperfect is a solid first draft just waiting its turn to be revised. It includes…

  • Lots of paint
  • Chunky sweaters
  • Friendship bracelets
  • Art museums
  • Pro-life themes
  • Buried memories

There’s a Pinterest board too. 😀

On the backburner…

The Book of Dreams is my baby. Just over 10k words long, it’s twice the size of my first book but still very short. It’s one of those stories that wrote itself and will always be one of my favorites. My dad is in the process of planning out the first illustration (which really makes my heart sing!). I promise an excerpt or two on the blog, but for now you’ll have to just enjoy my project pinspiration board. This story can be described as a non-magical fantasy that encourages the reader to long for heaven.

Letters for Victory is my first “long story” at 25k words. Light-hearted and family-centered, it’s a huge favorite with my younger siblings. It’s also in the editing stage, but I’ve decided to put it on the back burner while I weigh my illustrator options (and torture my sisters). ; ) Enjoy the under-developed board while you wait. This one can be described as a World War II homefront story that emphasizes the importance of ordinary faithfulness and family life.

Mara is a 26k word story where I explored one of the most important themes of my life–gratefulness. Written for a little bit of an older audience than I’m used to, it was a fun jaunt into something a little longer and more serious. Also in the editing stage. I’d describe it as a Victorian(ish) story (that obviously needs more world building) with strong themes of gratefulness and ordinary faithfulness. (Wow, I see a theme here!)

Fiddler’s Bargain & One Day After Eden are actually two separate stories; but I’ve lumped them together because they overlap quite a bit and consequently share a board. Each is about 12k words (which seems to be my average). I’m seriously considering writing a third story, but we’ll see if that pans out. Editing, again. And I’ll call them Civil War stories where the good guys wear both uniforms. 😉 Enjoy The Board. It’s very incomplete.

The Memory Girl is my side story to give my brain a creative break when I’m tired of editing or need to word sprint with someone. 😉 It was supposed to be a short story, but it’s already over 6k words so it just might get longer!

I also write short stories, blog posts, and emails (once in a while) whenever inspiration strikes or need arises. 😉