2 Writing Tips

The countdown continues! I’ve been “writing” since age seven, but these last three years of interacting with other authors and discovering helpful books and blogs from have really grown my writing skills. There is a ton of good advice out there, but today I’m picking my two favorite tips. Here goes… 1. Everything has already … More 2 Writing Tips

Writing Advice for Today

As I work through edits on my medieval adventure “The Twin Arrows”, I realize it’s been almost exactly three years since I’ve published a book. I’ve been spending time networking, figuring out my style, and learning all I can about my craft. There is so much advice for authors, and I’ve only experienced a drop in the bucket. Articles, … More Writing Advice for Today

The Beta-Reading Tips at the End of the Universe

Beta-reading is so much fun! I love helping authors improve their stories any way I can and seeing the finished product is always heart happy. 😉 I’ve written a post on it before, geekily titled “The Beta-Reader’s Guide to the Galaxy”, but since then I’ve picked up a few more tips to help myself (and hopefully … More The Beta-Reading Tips at the End of the Universe

How to Hide a Spoiler in Goodreads, Sweetie

Spoilers. Can’t read with ’em; can’t review without ’em. It always makes me sad when I see that message on Goodreads, “This review has been hidden because of spoilers”. I always avoid those reviews because they are advertising being spoiler minefields. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good spoiler. They’re absolutely tantalizing. I just want warning when … More How to Hide a Spoiler in Goodreads, Sweetie