Shipping Is the Best

Shipping Is the Best

I love shipping.

This kind…


(We actually don’t need to be told, we discover them almost right away. 😉 )


(Canon can be such a killjoy…)


(*sniffs* Oh, and OTP = one true pairing, the couple you’ve matchmade that you will forever believe in. XD )

And I also love the post office kind (basically what normal people think “shipping” is) too. Christmas present time is upon us, and after reading an amazing Goodreads blog post about gifting books to friends, I’m excited about getting to send things in the mail soon. 😉 *rubs hands together*

Since I used to sell secondhand books on Amazon and now sell my own books, I’ve shipped out quite a few packages. 😀 And I’ve also received quite a few packages because of my book buying “problem” (that we won’t talk about)…

Here are my tips and tricks…

  1. Padded mailers are my favorite, though manilla envelopes can work in as well, and I often buy them in a package of six from Walmart or in singles at another store. I also like to save mailers sent to me (especially those LOVELY cardboard mailers from Amazon) for a pinch. If they’re still in good condition and if I can remove all my personal information from them, that is. 😀 (I have two on my bedroom floor right now that I need to decide what to do with. 😉 )
  2. I’m a little bit hyper about books getting bent so if the book is thin I put cardboard in behind it, and I always wrap it tightly in saran wrap to hold the pages together which helps with my other concern…
  3. Waterproofing! I got a shipment of books once where the color of the cover bled onto the page block because it got slightly wet. *cringes* I feel like saran wrap helps protect against this, and one time I even sent a book with saran wrap AND a Ziploc bag because it was going overseas. #nervousMama
  4. I also really like packages to be fun. I mean getting a book is reallllly fun, right?! But sometimes I like to include a note or an interesting bookmark or even a silly message on the package just to jolly things up a little more. It’s one of my favorite parts of the process. ❤

Do you have any tips to share? And are you like me and just looooove mail?? 😀



23 thoughts on “Shipping Is the Best

  1. Ohhhhh, I’ve always wondered what OTP stands for! I always thought it was something like Oh The Pain… even though I knew that it was talking about ships…

    And I love wrapping up stuff too!! 😄

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  2. Saran wrap? hmm…never thought of that one! I totally get the whole bending books issue *cringes* — I am a bit OCD about that! (okay, okay, very much so! :D) I won’t even loan books from my library to those who are known book-benders *glares menacingly*. I lent a book to a friend once who, unbeknownst to me, reads books by bending the front cover behind the back cover……the poor book! But saran wrap to ship them in…….now THAT is an idea!

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  3. I love getting mail too!! The other day I got a surprise envelope from one of my friends with some gorgeous hand lettered bookmarks in it, and it was sooo wonderful. 🙂 She inspired me to try to do something like it for my other friends, so I’m currently working on that. 🙂 And as for shipping books, media mail all the way (using USPS)!!! You can pay so much less that way than doing the other options. 🙂 I also like wrapping packages in a brown paper bag, then using a Sharpie to put the address on and adding cute little notes. It’s fun to send things to people. 😉

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  4. AHHHH SHIPS! Ha ha, I LOVED this post, Kate! Yeah, I love mail too. ESPECIALLY WHEN BOOKS COME IN THE MAIL. I like to buy really fun poly mailers with prints on them, and wrap the book in tissue paper. 😉

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  5. I love this post! And you know what’s crazy, for years I’ve been seeing my internet friends talk about OTP, and until now I never knew what they were talking about! LOL

    Your ideas about sending book mail are gold. Thank you! I’ll definitely be saving this post and using the ideas later. I loved the package you sent me, and how you were so sweet and made me laugh with your notes.

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