The Beta-Reader’s Guide to the Galaxy

“Space is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is.” Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

I find the privilege of beta-reading/test-reading/reviewing nearly as big (and just as exciting!). Here are some of the tools I use to help me be the best beta-reader I possibly can!


My Goodreads account has not only been addictively fun but also great for sharing reviews and networking with other authors/readers. Most authors ask for reviews on this platform since it often hits the nerd demographic that Amazon misses. ;P


I’ve had my computer glasses for over a week, and I love them! Not only do they make me look nicely geeky, but I don’t have as much eyestrain as I did before! These have become a must for computer-based ARC’s, reviewing, and blogging. (And this two-pack Amazon deal enabled me to get a pair for my family as well.) 😉


My Kindle has been super handy when I need a break from the computer screen! It’s also easier for published authors to send me an ebook version. No postage fees! I’m also obsessed with the highlighting tool. (The book on my Kindle screen has sooo many good quotes!)


There’s my bookmark buddy again! My younger sisters and I had a ton of fun making these from instructions I found on Pinterest. And the inter-library loan slip? (No, I’m not a stalker.) I found it in The Princess and the Goblin, loved that it was the man’s version of my name, and used it as my bookmark the whole time I read. You might say it’s my “imaginary friend”. 😉 These both add just a little extra fun to reading. 


I also keep a few other books on hand for when I need a break from reading to review. I recently finished that hilarious collection of fairy tales, and I’m plodding through the how-to book. 

I also appreciate having this no-brainer guide to reviewing, a friend or family member to be my graciousness/honesty meter, and snacks. 😉 (Oh, I should get myself some of those! Anyone up for a brownie?)

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