Nothing Is Wasted

My family has been through some things (especially in the last eighteen months or so) that I can tend to wish would never have happened. (I’m still uncomfortable talking about them anywhere, so be warned that this post is going to be a bit vague. 😉 ) The “things” keep coming back now and then … More Nothing Is Wasted

You Are So Loved

Happy Chocolate (and Love!) Day! 😀 Because I’m single, today doesn’t mean a lot to me personally, but it’s been really sweet to see everyone else’s celebrations. To my sister who shared the story of her relationship with her husband, to the fellow church member who posted pictures of her sweet baby valentine, and to … More You Are So Loved

Love and More Love

Do you ever have a moment when something you love is loved so much by other people and you get all happy inside and feel like a happy human floating on a happy cloud of love? This happens pretty often for me (when someone discovers an underrated indie author or my penpal listens to the … More Love and More Love

Your Guide to Epic Buddy Reads (with Mikayla, Kate, and Cheesecake)

Today my awesome friend Mikayla and I completed our fourth official buddy read. (There have been one or two “accidental” ones, for the record.) We thought it would be super fun to share some of our buddy reading tips with you. 😉 Choose a book you both want to read. It’s usually a good idea … More Your Guide to Epic Buddy Reads (with Mikayla, Kate, and Cheesecake)

Author Down

I’m on day three of the flu. I’ve watched more movies than I should number. XD (And part of a vlog webseries and skimmed a little fanfiction.) Some of them have been really good and some of them have been really cringey. I have a delightful buddy read waiting for me to kick my headache … More Author Down

Halfway, HOORAY!

I’ve been working more on my fantasy novel, and I’m so happy with how it’s going so far! Something weird just happened and somebody evil probably did it, and the MCs are low on food, and also they’re finally talking to each other a little more which is nice. XD By my nearest count, I … More Halfway, HOORAY!