Book Review: The Destiny of a Galaxy

“Time Has Passed… In the three years since Maria Morris found the farmer-boy-prince, the Followers have multiplied. As Wyndemere’s empire cracks and unrest rises, the Legatee orchestrates the Rebellion. Danger Has Not Disappeared…But Neither Has Hope Though the overthrow of the tyrannical regime is imminent, Maria’s role as the “woman who started it all” is … More Book Review: The Destiny of a Galaxy

All the Happy Things

If you read this blog regularly, you may have noticed that I haven’t been sticking to my blog schedule perfectly the last few weeks. You also may have noticed that my posts are being published at weird hours. So what has regrettably pushed blogging, writing, emailing, reviewing, breathing, and such aside? 😉 COLLEGE. Homework abounds … More All the Happy Things


The last time I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was years ago, I’m sure, but I still remember the delightful way Charlie could make a bar of chocolate last. A little nibble here, a little nibble there. Creamy deliciousness that was all the more precious because it came infrequently. Later in the book when … More Savor

Plate Update: Quilting, the Galaxy, and School

Septemberrrr!! How I love thee!! But I’m supposed to be talking about August, so… *stuffs autumnal Kate back in closet with sweaters* August was a very full and very varied month. 😉 *catches breath* Here’s a quick update on what I did last month. This full plate included cheese sticks and granola bars on the … More Plate Update: Quilting, the Galaxy, and School

Postponing a Post

Hello, folks!!! School this week has been more crazy than I could have ever imagined! Beside getting everything worked out with schedules, finding the right class at the right time (“I have walked five hundred miles…”), remembering to eat, and holding my head during indoctrination class, I’m learning TIME MANAGEMENT! 😀 I’m postponing today’s post … More Postponing a Post