How to Love a Book

Booklovers love books. It’s a given. (Otherwise, they would be called something else.) The funny thing about us is that we love some books more than others. 😉 Here’s how you can love a book of your own! Get a paperback copy. You know a book is something special when it makes it past the … More How to Love a Book

Book Review: The World of Pooh

“Here’s where Pooh’s adventures all began. Published in 1926, this is the original Winnie-the-Pooh with illustrations by Ernest H. Shepard. Beginning with “Winnie-the-Pooh and Some Bees,” here are ten classic tales featuring the whole gang: Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, Eeyore, Owl, Kanga, Little Roo, and Christopher Robin. Rmember when Pooh visits Rabbit and “gets into a … More Book Review: The World of Pooh

The #Voices of YA Tag

Zane from Simple Impossibilities (a super awesome blog) did this blog tag the other day and left it open for anyone to consider themselves tagged. 😉 It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these, so I decided to pick it up. Thanks, Zane! (Caitlin Lambert originally created this tag here.) Rules Thank the person … More The #Voices of YA Tag

My Weekend at the Generation Rising Authors Booth

Last weekend, six independent authors and I came together to form a booth at our local homeschool convention selling ten different titles. We had a profitable and encouraging weekend (and a ton of goofy fun to boot)! Here’s a recap. 😉 Thursday night, we were blessed to hitch a ride to set-up with another author’s … More My Weekend at the Generation Rising Authors Booth

Convention Time!

I’ve been at the convention all day and will be again tomorrow! 😀 Here’s a “teaser” picture, and I’ll share more Monday!! (Early customers from church testing our salesmen skills.) 😉