The Stealthmaster’s Shadow Cover Reveal!

Do you hear me screaming happily all the way from here??!! I mean, if you live all the way in Antarctica and you can hear me, either I’m really loud or penguins are really quiet. #deepthoughts

Back to why I was screaming… Today I get to share the cover of Hope Ann’s upcoming book, The Stealthmaster’s Shadow, fourth in the Legends of Light series. 😀 😀 I’ve loved all the previous books I’ve read, so I’m super excited to read the next installment.

Here are three reasons why…

1. The Blurb

It’s ten confounded years since the war ended.

Ten years since the Prince won the war and pardoned the rebels.

And left.

The Prince left, but lasting peace never had a chance to begin.

As a Stealthmaster, Verus is determined to complete the task the Prince left, whatever the cost. Traitors, needlessly vague governors, and threatening rumors are all part of a standard mission. Verus will bring peace to what is left of the world, one city and village at a time. According to the governor’s daughter, the war was never about a physical peace in the first place, but what does she or any of the other Followers know? They weren’t there during the war.

They didn’t see the horrors Tauscher spread over the land or the scars that will never fade.

Commandeering the task of a former soldier, Verus presents himself to the governor of Nerva. Eventually he’ll need to undermine the man, but even Stealthmasters need money, and a mission to discover the owner of a misshapen slipper shouldn’t be difficult.

Until the ambassador from Zahavia appears.

Suddenly face to face with nightmares from the past, Verus struggles to help those plunged into danger, from the governor’s newest prisoner to a serving lad to an infuriating woman he’s taken to calling princess. Fleeing will only make the enemy stronger. But staying…

Staying could doom them all.

2. Some Quotes

I haven’t read this book yet, but I can already tell from the quotes that this is going to be a hilarious and heartfelt read.

TSS quote 1

What a rogue! XD

TSS quote 2

Ominous and snarky. 😀

TSS quote 3

Oh, dear!! 😉

3. The Cover 😉

Lights, camera, gorgeousness!


(This fantastic cover was designed by Kate Flournoy.)

So now all we have left to do is stare at this lovely cover until June 1st when the book releases. *sighs happily* (Apparently, you can preorder it HERE.)

About the Author


Hope Ann uses chocolate to bribe a wide ring of spies, from the realm leapers of Aslaria to the double agents of Elkbend, for their stories. Based in Indiana, she is the self-published author of the Legends of Light series, personal writing coach, and the Communications Coordinator for Story Embers. You can find out more about her at




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