What’s on My Plate?

What’s on My Plate?


I have a LOT on my plate right now. My own writing, my Bible, four how-to books (one is being read-aloud), six fiction books, and some Longfellow poems to try. (Fortunately, most are from the library, and they are generous with renewals.) My baby computer on top represents ten beta-reading projects, two blogs, Goodreads, the Rabbit Room forums, Homeschooled Authors communications, Noble Novels, and just a pinch of Pinterest. (The tiny blue thing in the corner that’s not showing up well is one of the bookmark buddies I made with my sisters.) Then there are my siblings helping set up the picture behind the scenes. 😛 So much to do! But who complains about Thanksgiving dinner? This is me digging in and thanking all of you authors for trusting me with your “children”, all of you blog readers for…reading, and my family for finding the biggest fork and knife set I have ever seen. (And loaning me one of the computers for my projects, helping me learn brevity, being so intellectually stimulating, and I could go on… you all are the best!)

9 thoughts on “What’s on My Plate?

    1. Isn’t it fun? Yeah, I know… I get tired of the computer a lot too. I have computer glasses coming in the mail. I’m hoping those will help. 😉


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