Book Review: Set Free


“Mysterious gunmen, a note of warning, and Kyle James, a young hand on the TCR, has his past brought back to haunt him. Meanwhile, Stephen’s dislike of school, Mrs. O’Connor’s sick sister, and a man eager to own part of the Triple Creek, all combine to make life anything but dull for the Mavrich family and the members of the Triple Creek Ranch.” (from Amazon)

When Rebekah Morris asked me to test read the fifth book (Ky’s book) in this series, I jumped up and down and screamed. (By email.) After a paperback copy complete with gorgeous illustrations and a re-read this summer, here’s what I have to say…

The Setting: Set on a western ranch in autumn, this book had me feeling the busyness of the round-up and the frigid winds of coming winter.

The Characters: I always say I love the Mavrichs (because I always do!), and the ranch hands were awesome too. I loved seeing Stephen’s growth and Orlena’s acceptance of her role as an older sister. 😉 I especially loved Ky (because this is his book, right?), and the way the other ranch hands did their best to help him was pretty special. (And “Detective Bruce” is super cool! He needs his own series.)

The Story: Initially this installment feels unnecessary to the series but picks up quiet a bit towards the end and brings a satisfying conclusion to the storyline set up in Rustlers. (I’ll say no more.) My favorite parts were the beautiful Gospel presentation, the banter between Mavrich and Bruce, and the fire.

Parents of younger readers please note some intense action including a fire and children in possible danger. Common to the series there is sweet, married kissing throughout the book.

Altogether, I found this to be a fun read and a nice continuation of Ky’s story. 😉

Just for grins, here’s some banter between Mavrich and Bruce. Enjoy. 😉

“All right. We’ll leave at first light.”

“We?” Mavrich asked, confused.

“Dakota and me. You don’t think I’m walking all that way do you? Especially since the train doesn’t run out to Florence.”

With a chuckle, Mavrich shook his head. “I should have known. Well, I’ll see you all in the morning.”

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