Book Review: 12 Dates of Christmas

Book Review: 12 Dates of Christmas

“She’s spent the last ten years not forgiving him. Why should she start now?

When Reagan runs into her old high school nemesis, she’s flummoxed why he thinks she’d ever have coffee with him.

Alex is stunned to discover he was a nemesis in the first place.

Challenged into accepting a date for every offense he can name, Reagan is confident she’ll be spending her Christmas vacation away from the big bad Alex.

Maybe she should have gotten to know him a bit better first.” (from Goodreads)

I picked this up for the cute, lighthearted title and the promise of a relaxing read. In this author’s true style, it was all of those things, yes, but with a surprisingly deep background message of personal growth and forgiveness. (Let’s just say some of Reagan’s struggles hit a little close to home. 😂)

I loved their apology-for-a-date trades and how their system grew to not matter so much the more they really knew each other. I actually enjoyed when they were fighting (and I usually haaaattteee stress/conflict in books), because it was so well-written it was like a study of real people. And they didn’t stay mad too long, phew.

They had some pretty adorable, creative dates! The snow sculpting contest and the poetry one were probably my favorites.

Altogether, I enjoyed these characters and watching their relationship grow. ❤️

Best quote: “You’ll help me put up the lights?” Alex nodded. “And the stupid blow up snow globe?” “Especially the snow globe.”

Erin shook her head. “You need to remember to dwell on truth… On what is right. That is where your brain goes off…”

Content warning: mild conflict, verbal teasing, wanting to kiss, kissing (not described in detail)

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