What Day Is It?

It is a truth universally recognized, that a blogger in possession of a schedule must be in want of a knowledge of what day it is.

The days have been running together lately.

Some stressful and tiring. Others filled with creativity and projects and service and fellowship.

All marching on toward holidays and blessedly cool weather.

Today is a Monday.

I know this because yesterday had church in the morning and a video call date with my boyfriend in the evening.

I use Sundays as my points on the compass, my proof in a sea of days that a whole week has passed and another one will pass, but I still get a little lost.

Today is Monday, my phone tells me. The 23rd. I know it is three days until Thanksgiving. My ingrained memories of it always being a Thursday and my knowledge of the names of days reminds me. My boyfriend is flying in Wednesday night, and that’s two days from now.

It’s more mental math than knowledge of where I swim along in the calendar. The days are pretty similar, right?

What day is it again?

Today is the day I listened to Christmas music with my boyfriend for this first time this season. Made shortbread cookies. Played a Scrabble-like game with my family. Tackled laundry. Watched a movie over video call with my boyfriend.

Today was today, and a lovely one.

I’ll try to remember it’s true name. 😉

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