Looking Back, Reading On

Looking Back, Reading On

I started a new stage of my project today.

J and I went to the coffee shop. ❤️

Marking up Kiera for second edition edits and skimming through it for the first time in a very long time… I’m not sure I’ve ever read it in its entirety since the release?

I’d forgotten how much I adore some characters, some passages. I’d forgotten how much I related to Kiera’s anxiety responses. (😂😬) I’d forgotten how much some aspects of the formatting delighted me.

And now I sound like an absolute nerd. 😂😂

But it was a lovely reminder that I’ve written a book, and it’s a book I like, and maybe I could do this again.

If you’re marking it up anyway, why not draw a heart on the page block? ❤️

I’m keeping the story completely intact and doing my best not to quibble with every word or beat myself up for being a young author.

The changes I feel called (and I’m comfortable saying that because I truly do feel called) to make are much smaller yet much more impactful.

Some of the wording I used and a couple small scenes reflect a culture I was immersed in that I am more critical of now. The pet peeves I included are possible distractions from my message and when removed do not change the book at all.

The story is staying the same. Kiera is herself, Brennan is still swoony, and Jade is still adorable. God’s love shines through, maybe even clearer.

I hope you enjoy this second edition, and I’m certainly having fun creating it. ❤️

8 thoughts on “Looking Back, Reading On

  1. Hi Kate, it’s Lily. How have you been?
    Ooo, I love the title page of Kiera! Did you sketch that picture of the nest yourself?
    P.s I look forward to seeing your book’s new cover!

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      1. Thanks for asking! I’m doing well too (just started my own author site, so I’m busy planning out a potential schedule).

        Ah, your designer has a great eye. Eek! I look forward to it! 🙂

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