This Page Left Intentionally Blank

Have you ever been reading a stack of official papers and found a sheet that just says “This page left intentionally blank”? They tell us this because we expect each paper to hold something important, and if not, there must have been a mistake.

Tonight, I’m telling you beforehand. This post is going to be (mostly) blank.

There is so much being said and typed right now. A little too much, at least for me. All-day, every day for at least the past week, I’ve been bombarded by people “shouting” advice and blame and shame and warning and new rules and encouragement and positives to focus on and more to think about.

It’s a lot. And while most of those things are good things to think about, sometimes we forget to take a break.

So, this space below is left intentionally blank. I’m leaving room for 400 words, an approximate average length of my posts. Apparently that takes the average reader just under a minute and a half to read. (I’m so full of inexact, fun statistics tonight. XD)

Take a minute and a half. Don’t leave this page. Sit quietly and breathe a little. Pray about what’s on your mind. Chase an idea. Imagine another world. Use this blank space, and have a good week. 😉

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