My Shoes Have Bows

“I love your shoes.” “Thank you.”

A little while later, “Where did you get them?”

I answered as best I could, amazement and a little sense of wonder growing inside. This compliment came from E, a freckle-faced, wide-eyed four-year-old, one of 14-18 kids I get to hang out with as a childcare volunteer. She had been one of my shyest all day, but apparently after our conversation on the playground about macaroni and cheese, she was ready to be friends.

This isn’t what surprised me most about E’s compliment, though.

My shoes are probably my favorite I’ve ever had. Comfortable, the most common color I wear, and a really good fit. I wear them so often that they are beginning to fall apart, and I’m in the “oops, these look shabby, don’t they?” stage.

And E loved them. It probably has something to do with the bows on the cross-straps. Or maybe she really likes brown. Who knows.

I periodically think about how we love things. I think about it when I see a five star review that is mostly “I loved it! Except for these negatives” followed by a long list. I think about it when I see something so, so beautiful and monumental picked apart by critics because it wasn’t perfect enough. And I think about it on days like today when I have to write three negative reviews in a row.

Granted, there are times when the negative needs to be mentioned, especially if it came as a surprise or is going to hurt someone, but why not share more of what we loved about that five star book? Why not spread it from the rooftops that this movie is monumental and beautiful in all the ways it actually is? Why not post a positive review or status on the same day as the negative ones?

This world is pretty messed up, and some days I’m just waiting for the replacement. But even on those days, I can find something to love because there are little bits of beauty mixed in with the broken. And when I find something to love, I’m going to follow E’s example and love it louder and longer than anything else.

And my shoes are pretty cute with those bows.



Things I’ve loved (so far) today:

My dog’s laying-on-the-floor-resting face

These two heroic stories (HERE and HERE)


Supplements to fight off a seasonal cold

Fall decorations ❤

4 thoughts on “My Shoes Have Bows

  1. ❤ i love how sweet and true this is. a lot of the time the stuff i like is tinged with not really so good elements, and it's easy to let the bad take over the good.

    also, hashbrownsssss

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  2. “I think about it when I see something so, so beautiful and monumental picked apart by critics because it wasn’t perfect enough.” AHEM. That could get me off onto a rant. I believe in being the best you can be, but I don’t believe in the pressure of being perfect. That’s unfair to so many beautiful things.
    Look, I’m ranting anyway.
    Preach it, girl. I’m off to love my less than perfect things to pieces. 💕

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