More Words!

Words are happening!!!

Last week I added 4k, give or take, new words to my current story. I’m a NaNoRebel, and there were some snacks. XD My disastrous christening was perfectly disastrous, and I surprised myself with some new details and character developments I wasn’t expecting. The dog in it is slowly morphing to have the personality of my dog, and I love it. 😉

Here’s a (very rough) excerpt of my writing, just for fun. 😀

As they neared the church, the sweet smell of apple blossoms rose to meet them and a few blew in through the open carriage windows.

Marinne caught one in her hand and whispered to the sleeping baby. “Soon, my child, there will be apples hanging from the castle trees, and you and I will pick them together.”

Harbor slipped an arm around both of them, careful not to disturb the small metal stars that had been sprinkled into her hair, and leaned over to speak with his son. “And very soon after that, cook will make wonderful smelling things from the apples, and you will grow big and strong from the eating of them.”

Marinne laughed, in an instant imagining their child as a little boy and then as a grown man. “But you won’t grow too fast. You will be our child for a little longer.”

*squeezes all my characters in a hug* *tries not to get too attached to them because of the genre I’m writing* #disastersabound

Now I’m at a little bit of a sticky spot–one of those ones where time needs to pass but not be skipped over. If it were a movie, I would do one of those cool montages with a lot of changing leaves and smiling and worrying and Danger Looming. I think I’ll figure out how to do that in written form eventually, it’s just a bit daunting. 😉 

Ah, I just had an idea! I think that will work. Wow, okay. Now I’m excited.

I’ll have to postpone writing that for a bit since I have some very amazing company here, but I’m excited to get back to it and move these characters forward in their story.

21 thoughts on “More Words!

  1. I’m not doing Nanowrimo this year because I’m way too busy, but when I have time I am working on a story and because of its genre I too have been trying not to get too attached to my characters…. and I’ve failed. I’ve failed miserably. I love every single character with all my heart and its terrible. I will never get over the death of one particular character. ahaha I avoided writing it for so long. and then I finally had to. I’m still in denial…. have been since before I even wrote the scene… I keep seeing things that remind me of my character and something I could do with them and then getting sad cause then I realize: “but ur dead.” *cries*

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    1. Same! I’m just writing as part of the event, but 50k is never gonna work with my schedule. 😉 Ahhhh!!! Sorry. XD If you love your characters, your readers might love them too, though, so maybe that’s a good thing. UGH. I feel ya–I hate writing character deaths… 😦 XD

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      1. I did it one year, a friend and I decided to write a 100,000-word story together. and we surpassed that. I’m hoping next year I’ll have time. But this year I have so many things going on. lol yeah. Mhmmm but its also the best afterward when you find out people’s reactions. >:)

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  2. That’s a great word count, Kate! I’ve just gotten over 1k written this month. 😛 I’ll blame it on all sorts of other things happening like publishing 3 Christmas Collection books, babysitting, working on stuff for the two Christmas plays I was asked to write and direct for church, and things like that.

    Oh, I share your struggle about writing passing time without just jumping! I always struggle when that happens in my stories. But somehow it always comes right in the end. I’m sure yours will too. 😀 *offers motivational hot chocolate because it’s in the 20s here with ice on the ground*

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    1. Thanks, Rebekah! That’s a nice amount for such a busy month, wow! Oooo, nice! A lot of babysitting is happening over here too which has been fantastic. 😉 That’s awesome! Is this your first time writing plays? (And congrats on the new books.)

      Aw, thank you! I’ve been having some ideas, so I think it’s gonna be okay. ❤ *accepts hot chocolate, even though it's in the 80s here*

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      1. Yes, first time writing plays. I had to figure out how long it was going to be. 🙂 It’s a bit crazy but fun. 😀
        *tries to send some of our freezing temperatures your way*

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  3. No! Please don’t kill them off, Kate. I love them already, and all I’ve read is this short post!! *Hugs all the characters tight*
    I feel you about the montage thing though. I really want to be able to do that as a writer.

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    1. Ahhhhhhhh! I can neither confirm nor deny that someone is going to die, but whatever happens to them is going to hurt some. Aw, yay!

      Yes!!! And then there are soundtracks. I always think that a moment/character would be cooler if there were just music to go with it. Movie people have some perks for sure, though I’m sure other aspects of their jobs are harder. 😉


  4. Okay, I loved this. 😂 I always want to write montages…I think it’s bc I’m such a movie nerd. 😝 Two ways I’ve done it were…one, “Life with Ranger turned into a fast-paced montage” and then followed that with snippets of scenes (cheater), and two, “Time was supposed to be healing” followed by a montage-y list of things that had and hadn’t healed. Now I’m curious how you did it… 🙃
    (Also scene cuts and fade ins…)
    (I should do a post on this… 😂)

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    1. Yup. You might also need a sweet doggy nearby and a lot of food and a warm blanket. Not that it’s super traumatic or anything… XD 😛

      Thanks! I’m hoping it’ll work out well. 😉


  5. Ooooh, sounds awesome! Is this the one about the queen and the soldier? Cause your teaser a while ago really got me hooked 😀 Hope the rest of your NaNo went well!!

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    1. Yes, ma’am. 😀 Aw, thanks so much! The rest of my NaNo didn’t really happen (so many other things last month), but that’s okay. 😉 How did yours go (if you participated)?


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