My Hodge-Podge Series

Today’s blog post is a video about my copies of The Mysterious Benedict Society series by Trenton Lee Stewart. I had fun telling the stories behind how I collected them. 😉 Enjoy! ❤ Where do you like to buy books? And aren’t books the sweetest possible gift? 😉

Love and More Love

Do you ever have a moment when something you love is loved so much by other people and you get all happy inside and feel like a happy human floating on a happy cloud of love? This happens pretty often for me (when someone discovers an underrated indie author or my penpal listens to the … More Love and More Love

Kiera Q & A Vlog!

Okay, so I filmed a very awkward, rambley vlog answering y’all’s questions about my novel Kiera. It was fun. And awkward. And it includes an introduction to my Funko Pops, so that’s fun. 😉 I am not a fish, in case you were wondering… Yes, there’s a part two. 😉 Thanks so much for sending … More Kiera Q & A Vlog!


EDIT: Thank you everyone for your questions so far! ❤ I will be taking more questions until this Saturday, the 12th. I’ve been thinking for a while that it might be fun to do a Q & A video about my novel Kiera. It is my first novel after all, and there were about two … More Questions?

Plate Update: Space, Brownies, and Monsoon Season

August was a good, FULL month, and even though it’s still two weeks until autumn officially begins, I fell like that was the summer “season” finale. XD (Here’s hoping!) Last month’s full plate was piled with movie popcorn. 😉 Here’s an update on my full plate… Pleasure read: The Pioneer (three stars, excellent sci-fi worldbuilding) … More Plate Update: Space, Brownies, and Monsoon Season

I Love Duologies

I recently discovered just how much I love duologies (a.k.a. a two-book series). This very enthusiastic video by JessetheReader pretty much expresses my thoughts. 😉 Sensory warning: there are flashing letters right at the beginning and some similar things later. 😉 Two duology recommendations… Wires and Nerve/Gone Rogue by Marissa Meyer (fantastic, adventuresome graphic novels!) … More I Love Duologies