The Treasure Hunt Blog Tour: DIY Treasure Hunts (+copies available!)

Happy blog tour day four! Anna (yes, THE Anna from the book) just posted a fantabulous blog post with tips for setting up your own treasure hunt (and a super cute picture of her with the book). Check it out here! Also, today, Abigail is sharing her review of The Treasure Hunt on her blog. … More The Treasure Hunt Blog Tour: DIY Treasure Hunts (+copies available!)

My Bookish World

Last week I posted about the strange writing stasis I find myself in. No big projects, half-ideas, and maybe a little bit of rest needed. πŸ˜‰ I’ve still had the insane bug to write, write, write, and I recently found a very fun and restful way to satisfy that while waiting for the big, important … More My Bookish World

Blog Tour Time!

Guys, this week/weekend has been soooo exciting bookwise! I got a copy of The Treasure Hunt (new edition!) releasing this month. πŸ’– It looks so good, and I’ve been toting it (and a Sincerely, Jem proof copy) around like a happy toddler with her blankie. πŸ˜†πŸ˜œ I can’t wait to share it with you! It’s … More Blog Tour Time!

Thank You, Wow

Last weekend, I spent my third year with Generation Rising at the AFHE homeschool convention. There were a ton of amazing, hilarious, goofy, and downright does-my-brain-even-exist-now-I’m-so-tired conversations. We met with friends, new customers, and fans. Some of my favorite moments were when readers stopped by to tell us how much our books have impacted them. … More Thank You, Wow