Summer Reading Time!

Summer is here already. I can feel it in the 100+ degree weather and my insane love for lemonade. I chose my reads for this season, and you’ll notice that the stack is a little shorter than usual. I’m telling myself this is because I’m leaving room for libraries to reopen. 😀 Dear Mr. Knightley … More Summer Reading Time!

Plate Update: Superheros, Jabberwocky, and Christmas Cookies

Summer is just flying! Which is a good thing considering how warm it gets where I live. 😉 I’ve been so busy that I absolutely missed updating you all on June, so I’m gonna do these “evil twins” together… 😉 Here’s an update on my full plate… Pleasure read: The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe … More Plate Update: Superheros, Jabberwocky, and Christmas Cookies

My Summer Reading

It’s that time of year again! Earlier this month, some of my siblings and I signed up for our library’s summer reading program. (Half of them have already reached their goals. XD) I had so much fun helping my sisters pick out what to read! I passed out index cards and recommendations, and we spent … More My Summer Reading