Bookish Happenings

Hello, I’m Shot Out of a Cannon. What’s your name? Last week was one of the longest, coolest weeks of my life. (I got to celebrate a family birthday, participate in a Jesse Tree ornament exchange, help with a wedding reception, make new friends, and babysit the world’s sweetest kids.) And somehow during all of … More Bookish Happenings

Exciting Things

Right now I’m super excited about four things–mainly. Number one: the second Green Ember book released yesterday!!! Hooray for more rabbits with swords. 😉 I can’t wait to read it especially because of that horribly intriguing title. Two, that blog party is coming together! Save the date everyone. 😉 Lots of great book recommendations, giveaways, etc. coming … More Exciting Things

Book Review: The Green Ember!!!

“Heather and Picket are extraordinary rabbits with ordinary lives until calamitous events overtake them, spilling them into a cauldron of misadventures. They discover that their own story is bound up in the tumult threatening to overwhelm the wider world. Kings fall and kingdoms totter. Tyrants ascend and terrors threaten. Betrayal beckons, and loyalty is a … More Book Review: The Green Ember!!!