Dueling Book Stacks

I have two book stacks calling to me right now. The books behind me, and the books before me… It’s really the best terrible situation to be in. The Books Behind Me (a.k.a. My Review Stack) Ah, my lovely review stack! (The Kindle is representing two novels and a short story I read on it.) … More Dueling Book Stacks

Plate Update: Genetics, the Library, and Thunderstorms

July is a very hard month to sum up because it was so FULL. So I’m probably forgetting something. 😉 Anyway, last month’s plate was full of I-am-editing-oh-wow snacks and now-I’m-at-the-convention-for-two-days snacks. 😉 Anyway, here’s a quick update on my full plate last month. 😉 Pleasure read: Sweet on You (three stars) Wonder (five stars ❤ … More Plate Update: Genetics, the Library, and Thunderstorms

Book Report

First the good news then the bad news. The good news is that after holding several library books hostage for months, I finally worked through all of them but one. Some were too boring (or inappropriate) to bother with and promptly got sent back. Another ran out of renewals. *sticks out lip* But the majority … More Book Report

Library Hopefuls

Apparently I don’t have enough books pining away for me to read them. I have finished four books in the past four days, but that’s never enough. No. I had to go to the library. It was one of those “short trips” Mom declares. Just long enough for her to grab a stack of movies to help us survive this … More Library Hopefuls