I love beta reading! That said, let me beta read for you. That said, let me give you my guidelines.

As mentioned elsewhere, I am a follower of Jesus Christ so any book that outright mocks Him and His people or includes sexual perversion is off-limits. Within books that make it past that hurdle, I prefer John Wayne-type violence over Jason Bourne, These Happy Golden Years romance over lustful thoughts and “bedroom scenes”, and Narnian magic over Harry Potter. I prefer my books squeaky clean! You have been warned. 😉 I reserve the right to reject any book for any reason, so please fill out the form below to help me decide if your book and I are a good fit.

If you’re in the manuscript stage, I’ll give my general opinion of the story. If you have already published, I’ll write an honest review in exchange for a physical copy. 😉 Four and five star reviews will make it on my blog, three star reviews will be on Goodreads only, and anything below that will be checked with you before I post it. I would LOVE to beta read for you!