The Treasure Hunt 
Suggested age: 6-12 years old
the treasure hunt cover
When they reached the gnarled, old apple tree something white lying in the compost pile caught David’s eye. He came to a sudden stop and jumped off his bike. Picking up the small package, he dusted off the grass mulch and carefully unwrapped a wooden block with strange carvings on one side. The paper, however, was more than just wrapping. “Your father’s favorite pastime and your favorite foods are the keys to this mystery. Signed, Das Alte und Langweilig,” read David as he studied the paper.
They were silent a moment each thinking of the strange clue and even stranger signature.
Anna was first to speak. “It seems like some sort of treasure hunt.”

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Enjoy the Poodle Skirt

Suggested age: all
enjoy-the-poodle-skirt-take-4Rule one: Keep your hands clean.
Rule two: Careful with the food trays.
Rule three: Visit the soda fountain as often as you like, but don’t make yourself sick.
Rule four: Enjoy the poodle skirt.
Canary is excited to spend a whole week helping her newlywed aunt and uncle run a 50’s diner along with her older siblings Rose and Michael. Even the rules for working there are fun!

But when a routine cleanup presents a mysterious, hand-drawn map, her vacation gets even more exciting than a banana split with hot fudge sauce. And that’s saying a lot!

A short story. Available in eBook from Amazon, Google, Apple, and Kobo.