3 Reasons I Love “The Chosen”

3 Reasons I Love “The Chosen”

“The Chosen” has been one of my absolute favorite shows lately, and I decided to pick out *just* three reasons why. (It’s tough, y’all. 😭) Here they are…

1. It’s such good storytelling. 😍 Seriously, every scene is so thoughtfully, creatively, and artistically done. The characters are beautifully developed with their own goals and fears and character arcs, down to the local Roman who used to guard Matthew. I often get tired of bad Christian art, so this excellence is a breath of fresh air. 👏👏

2. It’s culturally respectful. Especially as I connect with my Jewish heritage, I grow more tired of Christians either ignoring or appropriating it. (Put your shofar away, please!) So far in every episode I’ve seen, I can tell they are doing their cultural homework. I can especially see it in the humor style and how natural the Israeli actor of Peter is. Also, Z using Krav Maga fighting styles. 😍

3. I can find myself in it. Because this series draws out and creatively imagines the lives of the disciples and other side characters, there’s always someone to relate to. Mary Magdalene and Andrew are my favorites, and I learn so much and am encouraged by seeing the change Jesus makes in their lives. 💙

There are many other things I love–the take on Jesus, specific healing scenes that bring the tears, real life issues handled gently, the care paid to the truth of Scripture–but these seemed a good place to start. 😉

Have you seen The Chosen?

10 thoughts on “3 Reasons I Love “The Chosen”

  1. Isn’t it a wonderful show? I love this post, Kate! ❤

    I especially agree about #2. "The Chosen" respects Jewish culture and sets an important example for other Christian storytellers by doing so. Especially since too many Christians DON'T respect Jewish culture or understand why it's important!

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  2. Yes, the storytelling is INCREDIBLE! Most of the episodes are so powerful! 😭 We are watching it with a grain of salt, so to speak, because of course they’re not going to get everything correct, and there’ve been some lines of dialogue I don’t agree with, but I’ve found that overall, it’s just REALLY good and has been so faith-building. (The scene with Nathanael in Season 2 and with Veronica in Season 3 have been my favorite so far XD)

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    1. I agree! It’s meant to be a fictional adaptation, and it does really well at that. “Faith-building” is a perfect word for it. It feels like listening to a bunch of testimonies. 💙 Aaaaahh, I need to catch up! I’m not sure I’ve seen that scene yet.

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