What I’m Accidentally Working On

What I’m Accidentally Working On

I recently got up the courage to start writing a new book.

Then about a week in, an old project stole my heart, and I haven’t looked back.

You’ve probably already guessed (or hoped) what I’m working on, especially if you follow me on Goodreads…

I’m pleased to say, I’m over 40% of the way through draft three of my fantasy novel, “Awake”. 😍 That’s all of part 1, and some very tough but very important scenes from part 2. 😉 Also, character development!!

It feels like I’ve been working on this novel forever, but in reality, it’s just the one that gets pushed to the back when other deadlines call my name. I’m excited to be making progress again, and it feels like maybe this book will *finally* be a thing. 😉

I’ll share with you my *real* project soon, but for now, here are some movie-esque posters I mocked up for inspiration. 😁 (All images from Canva.)

Okay, back to editing and devastating your hearts. 💖

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