A Little Bit of a #Fail // NaNoRebel Week Two

A Little Bit of a #Fail // NaNoRebel Week Two

The goal hasn’t been goaling, and I’ve had to extend a lot of grace (and the mini-deadline) for myself again. 😉 *sigh*

I only wrote another 800 words this week, but I got through a tough chapter (in more ways than one), so I’m hopeful this next week will be more productive. 😉

For now, I feel you all need a very first-draftish excerpt. For context, my main character Addie is visiting her grandfather and gets to see the small country town for the first time…

“Town” was a loose term for a dozen houses, the church, and a small country store, as Addie soon found out. Still it was all so cute like right out of a cheesy movie, that her sense of adventure was in full swing when Grandfather parked his rattling truck and they jumped out.

Old-fashioned windows cluttered with contemporary art and an unenthusiastic porch dog greeted them. Grandfather opened the door and a small bell announced their arrival. 

Short aisles of dry goods filled the front of the store while a bar and cafe nestled in the far end. A round table of older men called out to Grandfather, and he removed his hat and joined their card game.

Addie stood in the middle of the store taking in the lingering smells of breakfast and the tidy rows of products ranging from flour, sugar, mousetraps, and an entire machete. She gravitated to the circular rack of touristy items and selected a postcard claiming to be a picture of original settlers. 

When she carried it up to the counter, the woman at the register smacked her gum and took one look at her. “You’re Uri’s granddaughter? That one’s free for you, honey.”

Addie thanked the woman, then settled down at a free table in the corner, and slid the postcard into the copy of Heidi she’d brought from the farmhouse book room. It was one she’d been meaning to read for a while, especially since she still wondered what happened after the one traumatizing scene she’d seen as a child. 

Laughter from the card table brought a smile to her face, and she soon sunk into the simple yet comforting tale. A while later, someone brought a sandwich and a basket of crisp fries to her table and Grandfather gave her a thumbs-up from across the room. If this was a daily tradition, she wouldn’t mind accompanying him to “town” every time.

Fun fact: this store is inspired by two different country stores I went to when I lived in a small town. It’s been really fun work to bring it to life. 😉

Here’s to more words this week! 💙🙏 How are your goals going?

4 thoughts on “A Little Bit of a #Fail // NaNoRebel Week Two

  1. Oof, I feel ya. I’m still stuck at 20k. Here’s to hoping I can catch up to 30k by this weekend!

    Also, what traumatizing scene is the character thinking of?? I’ve only seen the Shirley Temple movie and the snowglobe is coming to mind…


  2. Oh, I just visited a small general store that had a machete! My sister thinks it would be so fun to have one (though we have zero use for it XD.) I loved the excerpt, Kate! I hope you have a great writing week 🙂


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