I’m in Love With This Cover…

I’m in Love With This Cover…

Today I have a very special cover to share with you… 💙✨

Brooke Riley is finishing up her dystopian trilogy with the final book Here We Stand!

Before I show you the gorgeousness, here’s the synopsis.

Whose side are you on?

War is on the horizon. The resistance is at its weakest. Peter, now forced to be a soldier for the government, tries to feed information to Andre. But when it becomes too dangerous to hide what he’s doing from the watchful eyes of the guards— and Evan— he must decide what he’s willing to risk for the rebellion.

Raegan is fighting hard for healing— physically and emotionally. After losing Peter, her entire world has shifted. But she’s determined now more than ever to get stronger and fight for the truth she believes in. But the battle to heal isn’t easy. She’s faced with a choice; give up, or fight?

A couple of years later, Raegan’s and Peter’s worlds collide once more. As everything is falling apart at the seams around them, they have to decide whose side they’re on. Everything they’ve ever known hangs in the balance.

The gripping finale to the How We Rise trilogy!

And now for the cover…

Prepare yourself…





Okay, but the tree roots, the lighting, the silhouettes. 👏👏 I am so intrigued, and I can’t wait to binge this series when it’s complete. 💙

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