Party Next Week!!!

Party Next Week!!!

Ahhhhhhh! Get your celebratory sweaters on and TBRs ready!!!

Five Fall Favorites is next weekkkkkkk!

The amazing bloggers have some really great books to recommend to you, and the giveaway is prettttty awesome. πŸ˜‰ See you then. 🧑

4 thoughts on “Party Next Week!!!

  1. *eep!*

    *runs around and searches for sweater hiding in the deep dark depths of the closet*

    *cough* I guess I should start swapping summer stuff for fall stuff now (the joys of living in a desert-like state means fall comes late XD).

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  2. *gathers backpack, and water-bottle, pulls out sweater and prepares to add to my TBR list!*

    I’m so excited to attend the FFF this year! It will be fun to see what genres there are and all the books and everyone!
    *throws leaves in the air like confetti*

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