Introducing My Favorite Podcast (+Giveaway)

Introducing My Favorite Podcast (+Giveaway)

I’m not a podcast gal. I prefer reading to listening, and if I listen to something it should probably be instrumental music so I can actually focus on whatever I should be doing…

The only time I really listen to podcasts is with my husband, and even then I have a hard time focusing on what’s being said. *hides*

I love to keep up with my favorite authors through their blogs and social media (and the odd newsletter here and there), but this is the first time I’ve fallen in love with the podcast format. 

J. Grace Pennington’s podcast Improbable Things converted me. 

I’ve been a fan of her and her work for a few years now, but I found out she had a podcast for regular updates and thought I’d pop in just to see when the next book was coming out. 

I found instead a well-rounded, deeply interesting look into her life as an author, fan of books and movies, mental health warrior, and bookish mother. She shares six literary thoughts from her week, and it’s both interesting and encouraging to see how these areas of life intersect.

And she does, of course, share a lot about her current projects, just like I was hoping. 😉

I enjoy the conversational yet structured format, and as someone with auditory sensitivity, her quiet, “audiobook narrator” voice is a nice retreat.

Tomorrow you’ll get to meet J. Grace and her work, but for now, definitely go try her podcast. You won’t regret it. 😉

In celebration of her newest book Eleftheria, J. Grace Pennington is giving away the first two books of her Firmament series!

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21 thoughts on “Introducing My Favorite Podcast (+Giveaway)

      1. Okay! *clears throat* My favorite way to follow authors is by newsletter or….. drumroll please…. their blog! This blog, for example. (I’ve read a few of your kindle short stories and loved them!)

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  1. Ohh! I didn’t know she had a podcast! Definitely checking it out!! Also, I read Radialloy when I was… maybe 11. I remember loving it, and I’ve been super badly wanting to read it again and share it with my siblings. Totally entering the giveaway! My favorite way to follow authors is through their blogs and/or newsletters. 😀

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    1. Hmm, and my favorite sci-fi series… I havent read almost any sci-fi yet, though I have quite a bit of it on my TBR list. Maybe my favorite that I’ve read is the Journey of Dreams series by Chautona Havig 🙂

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