My June Bookhaul // Vacation Edition

My June Bookhaul // Vacation Edition

Last month, Joshua and I had a really fun vacation. It was one part staycation, one part drive-up-north-where-its-twenty-degrees-cooler, and fifty-seven parts visit every bookstore and Goodwill we came across. Absolute vacation #goals.

The first bookstore we went to was an underground, hole-in-the-wall beauty, absolutely packed with books on the older side, which made J super happy and he snagged one for his collection.

The next one, aka my absolute favorite was really, really inviting and had that perfect indie bookstore feel. J treated me to an Agatha Christie book, and we added the fourth Giver book to our series. 😉

The store was mostly about books, as all good stores should be, but I was delighted with this typewriter and the absolutely TINY chairs in the children’s section. I should have taken a picture with something for scale, but that “big” chair is actually a mini armchair and the other one is even tinier. So wholesome. 🥰

The last bookstore was delightfully personable, and even though they didn’t have books for me, I could feel the sense of community and love of reading. I also adored their ginormous purple Squishmallow mascot. 😉

All in all, it was a really fun vacation and the books were just one of the many highlights. 😉 ❤

15 thoughts on “My June Bookhaul // Vacation Edition

  1. Eek, so fun!!! That’s my kind of vacation, lol.🤣 🤣 Looks like you guys had a great time, and the books you got look great. ❤️
    I’m planning to do some thrifting when I’m in the States in a few days, so I’m super hoping to find some good books…!!😀

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  2. So that’s where Sherlock’s skull went! I’ll have to tell him that Watson sent it to a bookstore for safekeeping XD

    Seriously, though, those are some amazing book stores. I love the sign for Peregrines. And TINY CHAIRS?? That’s sooo cute! My sister squealed when she saw the kitty squishmallow lol.

    Looks like you found a lot of great stuff. Happy summer reading, Kate!

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    1. That’s what Watson said, but I think he’s covering for Mrs. Hudson who tried to throw it out once it jumpscared her one too many times. 👀👀

      Aren’t they?! It’s like something out of a book. ❤️ Aww, that’s awesome. 😁

      Thank you! Same to you.

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