2022, Nice to Meet You

2022, Nice to Meet You

Happy 2022! (aka the most sci-fi looking date ever)

As promised, here are some of my nebulous hopes and goals. ❤️

I’ve been enjoying reading a lot more lately, so I’m excited to set my reading challenge goal to 30 books. I can’t wait to find some great new reads. 🤩

I’m looking forward to graduating my recovery group as well. It’s been so helpful to me, and I’m grateful for the work God’s done in my life through it.

My fantasy novel is next up for some much needed (and really quite fun) renovation. The plan is to publish it sometime this year. 🙏😍

I’d also like to draft two brand new stories (and maybe a short story here and there) just for the delight of it.

Baking, blogging, and life with my Joshua are continuing joys I’m looking forward to, as well as whatever surprises come next. ❤️

Happy New Year!

What are your hopes and goals?

8 thoughts on “2022, Nice to Meet You

  1. Happy New Year Kate! I like your reading goal; I wish you the best of luck with it!
    (And may I add that that graphic is just awesome! Did you design that yourself?)
    I’m hoping to grow more in my relationship with God, and hopefully publish some stories too.
    I pray that God blesses your year with His love and promises; and continues to grow, guide, and teach you through His Word so you can know His Will for your life 🙂

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