2021 Is Over and Done

2021 Is Over and Done

2021. It’s been a year. Maybe not as infamous as 2020, but certainly a ride. 😉

Here are just a few of my highlights…

I got to hone my baking skills and even sell a few products! 😍

My most recent bake

Though I read much less this year than I usually do, I found some great reads (and a few more to my physical TBR 😉). Check out my Year in Books on Goodreads.

Reads of the year!

I also watched some pretty cool movies (thanks to my movie nerd husband showing me a lot of his favorites).

My top five for the year.

Early in the year, I joined a recovery group put on by our church to help get my spiritual and mental health in hand. Though it got derailed towards the end of this year, I’m looking forward to finishing up in the new one.

Speaking of derailing, I had The Virus That Shall Not Be Named, and wow was that intense. It was a slow recovery (and I’ve still got some recovering to do), but I’m so grateful to be well.

I’ve been friends with Mikayla for five years now, but through facetime, emails, and letters. (She’s the coolest!) So it was a delight and honor to get to meet her for my wedding!

The coolest maid of honor ever. 🤗

Our wedding was one of the best, most lifechanging days of my life, and the journey of our relationship over this year has been amazing. I’m so grateful for our life together. ❤️

All wedding photos by Reckless Radiance Photography

I’ll be back tomorrow with my hopes and goals for the new year, but for now, happy new year, happy memories be yours, and happy staying up too late. ❤️

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