Three Kids in a Trench Coat

Three Kids in a Trench Coat

There are so many big changes happening so fast right now.

Our first wedding gift arrived, boxes of belongings and wedding decorations swamp me, apartment hunting = stress, and I’m trying to keep up on homework for my church’s recovery group (more on that later 😉) and a ginormously boring work project.

There’s even been some gray in my hair, but only because I tried cornstarch as dry shampoo and used way too much and couldn’t get it all out in time before dinner with one of our pastor’s families. 🤦‍♀️😂😂😂 #truestory #doyouthinkanyonenoticed

It’s all good things, and the fulfillment of some of my best dreams, but some days it’s just a lot to deal with.

This weekend, I had one day where I felt particular emotionally overwhelmed and really needing some encouragement.

Into my notifications walked the new Pixar short, Twenty Something.

With amazing 2d animation, this short explores the idea of feeling like three kids in a trench coat faking your way through life–and doing terribly at it. 😂

It brought (more) tears to my eyes and a sweet reminder that I am not alone and everyone’s had to deal with figuring life out. 😉

Go watch it, and be sure to measure your cornstarch moderately!

7 thoughts on “Three Kids in a Trench Coat

  1. Wow, now I know to beware of cornstarch! XD (maybe no one noticed….😁)

    In all seriousness, though, I hope all is going well. I moved a lot growing up, and I can empathize with the home-hunting= stress thing

    Praying that everything will work out for your big day; that you’ll have quiet moments to enjoy God’s many blessings; and that your guys’ future will be full of God’s blessing and love!

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