The Best (Story) Dog Ever (Excerpt!)

Since it’s been a little while since I’ve shared a story excerpt, here’s on from my apocalyptic fantasy story featuring The Best (Story) Dog Ever…

(Thanks, Emma, for helping me choose!)

Arrow walked down the corridor to the Great Hall, the black dog following at his heels. The day had been long, and he still had dinner to eat and paint to remove from his face. Mace had a look in his eye that said there would be a long, worrisome meeting in the guard shack later.

He threw a glance at the dog. The animal had stuck with him all day, whether Arrow wanted him to or not, and he knew that somewhere in the days following their meeting the dog had decided to be his.

When he entered the Great Hall, the cook handed him water and ash to clean his face, then traded these for a bowl of stew. He swung his legs over a bench and leaned over his bowl, losing himself in the comforting food.

The dog nudged his foot, and he threw him a scrap of meat. Sooner or later, the animal would need a name.

There you go! Aren’t dogs just the best? I originally planned for this one to be important early on in the story and then exit (*cough* die *cough*) but he developed a personality and absolutely won my heart and just had to stay.

There are some really special scenes with him that I can’t wait to share with you all. ❤️

My real best dog ever, Jack Lewis. ❤️

A Very Special Photoshoot

Joshua and I love taking pictures together. Whether it’s a date night adventure, celebrating a holiday, trying a CRAZY looking new food, or just making goofy faces and trying out zany filters, we’ve catalogued so many beautiful memories in the time we’ve been together. ❤️

But this past weekend it was time to take some very important pictures. Selfies wouldn’t do, so we enlisted the help of my brother Paul.

Official engagement pictures.


It’s invite time on the wedding planning list, so we dressed up and headed out to the place where we had our very first photo taken. ❤️

We had fun joke recreating our early awkwardness. 😂

And then took some more current us ones. 😌❤️

I love how well Paul captured our sense of humor and love for each other.

Like this joke one I accidentally really, really love. 😂😂❤️ (Okay, but that aesthetic light in the background too.)

We stopped at the coffee shop for an AC and cold drinks pit stop. (Southwest summer is brutal, y’all!) Perry met us there and suggested another place to take pictures so we all headed there.

It was so shady and green. 😍😁

Oops, I’m too short for this. 😂

That’s better. ❤️

Our favorite and the one we’re really going to use. 😌😌

And just for fun, here are a few more bloopers.

Sometimes we were talking and had no idea they were taking pictures. But most other times we were truly goofing off. 😉😂

Thanks so much, Paul (and Perry some too) for making this day so special. 😭

Soon we’ll be addressing and stamping the world’s prettiest invitations, and of all the planning we’ve done so far, this makes things feel so much more real.

I can’t wait to marry my favorite man. ❤️😘