Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time, there was a Kate. 

This Kate was a short, frizzy-haired person who loved books and childcare and tea and rain and baking creative things.

Kate started out as a kid and slowly became an adult (though it took her a while to realize it).

Kate was busy loving books, childcare, tea, etc., writing stories, trying to manage her time (😬), and deepening her relationship with God when a new character entered.

His name was Joshua.

Joshua and Kate started talking and realized they would like to talk some more. They became friends and fellow nerds and discussed just about everything under the sun.

God gave them more time to talk through pandemic circumstances and an ankle injury and even made it so they could meet in person a few times.

He worked through weird things and bad things and hilarious, sometimes unbelievable, things to bring them closer together.

June 24th we started officially dating. 😁

(One of our very first pictures together on the Fourth of July.)
(One of our most recent ones when some of my family and I went to visit him and his family early this month.)

How does this story end? That’s what we’re finding out, and I know that however this turns out, God is very good to me.

It’s Red All Over

A month or two ago, I printed off the first draft of my WIP “Imperfect”, stapled it together in chapter-sized bites, found my red pen, and let the lovely stack haunt the top of my desk.

Eventually that stack turned into two: “marked up” and “to mark up”. I’d grab a chapter or two when I had the time and willpower, and reading through my story looking for improvement became a little tradition I’d look forward to.

Last week, the “marked up” stack became the taller one, and I decided to push toward the finish line. 😁

My bedtime felt slightly betrayed, but I knocked out the remaining chapters and figured out how to salvage the messy epilogue. (It was easier to mark what to keep that what to get rid of. 😂)

I’m pretty happy with it, y’all. I know what I need to keep, rework, throw out entirely, and when this WIP comes back up on my informal rotation it’s off to the races. 😉

Here I am posing “happy Kindergartner” style. 😂😂

Tomorrow night I get to hang out with a writer’s group (really excited and grateful), so now comes the part where I stare down my other projects and choose which is up next. 😉

Save the Supportive Best Friends

I once read a hilariously meta book (one I can’t recommend unfortunately) where the main characters were inside a partially written book and decided to rebel against their given, cliche roles.

It ended up getting pretty wild, and I laughed aloud at some of the jokes against us evil authors.

One thing that really stuck with me, though, was an actually quite sad scene where the supportive best friend found out she was only there as an “emotional support pony”. She listens to the heroine’s problems, says something wise, sets aside her own needs to help her, and disappears from the story until she’s needed to do it all again.

The character’s reaction was meant to be humorous, but I’ve been thinking about it more lately as I refine a novella in its second draft.

I wrote two lovely side characters as best friends for my heroine.

While the “vain social climber” is getting more dimension (and strengths because none of us are just weaknesses), it’s the supportive-best-friend-who-is-little-more-than-sympathetic-furniture I’m seriously rewriting.

She needs a dream. She needs an entire personality of her own. She needs a schedule not built around supporting the heroine. She needs relatives with personality and quirks. She needs her own support system.

Why, though? She’s still only getting a small fraction of “screen time”. Why build out all that?

Because that’s how beautifully complicated people really are, and we’re only going to have empathy when we realize that each person and their story is precious. 

(And it’s not going to be a chore because this Kate looooves character development. 😜)

My Top 5 Reads This Year (So Far!)

Heyo all! I’ve been a bit inactive on here for a while now, not keeping to schedule and disappearing for a while there (impromptu vacation that was awesome!), but I’m back! 😀

Today I was inspired by a pretty cool collab between Lilian S. and Jenna Terese where they each shared their top five favorite books they’ve read so far this year.

So I ran off to Goodreads, looked through what I’ve read so far this year, and found these not-to-be-missed lovelies… 😀

Not Write Now by Kyle Robert Schultz

How in the world did nonfiction make it on a list of Kate’s favorites? By being so humorous, helpful, and readable, that’s how. 😉 I really enjoyed read this book and was quite encouraged by it’s reverse psychology.

Read my review here.

The Silence Between Us by Alison Gervais

This one rocked my world in the best of ways. The unique writing style, the relatable heroine, and most of all the representation of a community I know very little about made it one for the books, so to speak. I was sad to send it back to the library, and it’s now on my to-buy list. 😉

Read my review here.

Quiet Power by Susan Cain

Bottom line: this book made me feel seen, loved, and pushed toward better relating toward the world with the strengths and weaknesses God has given me. Time traveling to give it to fifteen-year-old Kate in 3, 2, 1…

Read my review here.

The Trouble With Love by Toni Shiloh

This book was so, so real, relatable, HILARIOUS, and very Gospel-rich without being preachy. Also, shoes and food were celebrated, so… 😉 I very much enjoyed it and am now devoted to the series. 😀

Read my review here.

Broken Strings by Eric Walters and Kathy Kacer

I still haven’t been able to review this one. I need to sit down for a long while and let myself process it completely and get back to you, but I can say that it made me (and my history/culture) feel very seen, was exceedingly well written, and was another I was sad to return to the library. 😉

Read reviews on Goodreads.

There you go! Those are my favorites so far. 😉 Thank you to Lilian and Jenna for the inpsiration. 😀

Tell me about your faves. 😀