Excerpt Time!

I just broke 42k words on my novel this week! I’m so excited to be so near to the end. It feels a little scary that there’s less than one-tenth of the first draft left to write, but if I forget something, there’s always second drafts, right? XD

Also, the message of the novel is one I could have never planned for this time we’re in right now. I plotted it over two years ago and began writing it last October, so I think its definitely a God thing that I’m currently writing scenes about trusting Him for protection and provision. 😉

Over on Goodreads, I’ve been playing an excerpt game with my followers, and I thought it might be fun to play here too. 😀

Comment with your choice, and I’ll reply! 😀 (If you’d like to see excerpts I posted on Goodreads, you can find them here.)

One of my younger sisters and one of my best friends have been reading through my story as I write it. It’s been so fun to see their feedback and excitement, and I’m really glad to have them along for the ride. ❤

In other writing news, I signed up Camp NaNoWriMo today. *pretends to breathe into paper bag* I’m looking forward to the creative “play time” after drafting this novel (yes, I hope to finish this month XD 😉 ) and the chance to try out some genres in short story format.


I’m a little excited. 😉

What are you writing or reading or dreaming up right now? Are you doing Camp NaNoWriMo? Has God ever spoken to you through your own story?

14 thoughts on “Excerpt Time!

  1. 7 (imperfect)
    43 (Awake)
    God has definitely spoken to me through my stories before! There was this one time one character was telling another how he always had devotions first thing in the morning & God was just nudging me as I wrote, saying, “… you haven’t done yours yet.” I stopped & did my devotions before I wrote any more 😀
    And I’m hoping to do Camp! My college starts April 4, though, so idk what I’ll get done. But we’ll try! 😀
    I’m so excited for both of your stories 🙂

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    1. All righty…

      Excerpt from Imperfect: “I had to sleep. I had a test the next day.
      I climbed into bed and pressed my face into my pillow. Maybe if I tried hard enough I wouldn’t dream or cry again.”

      Excerpt from Awake: A low throated growl echoed from the dog, and he stopped still in front of the horses. The Queen looked at Arrow with a question, and he dismounted, crouching down and peering through the underbrush at the road ahead.
      “Soldiers,” he said quietly. “Guarding the bridge.”

      That’s super cool. ❤ Oooo, I hope you get too! Thanks so much. 😀

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    1. Aw, you’re welcome! It’s been fun. 😀 Here’s your excerpt…

      Mom sat down behind me and handed over a bag of popcorn for us girls to share, then handed another to Dad and Esther’s grandparents. It was the first time I’d met them, and I’d already decided that if they were hiring out to be grandparents, I’d take them up on the offer. They were the sweetest, jolliest older people I’d ever met.

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  2. Thanks for sharing all these fun excerpts Kate!
    So I’m guessing the one you’re almost finished with is the fantasy story called ‘Awake’; but is the first draft of ‘Imperfect’ finished or are you still writing it?

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    1. Eeek, okay, so that was a hard page to find a not-spoilery part on. XD

      Imperfect: “Hey, Lanson, don’t be shy. This is Kylee. She’s come to visit with us,” Joss said, laughter in his voice.

      Awake: The sounds of steady rain accented by thunder were far away and the mug of tea warmed her from the inside out. She asked Aster to have the kitchen send some to the gardeners’ shack. They had doubtlessly felt more rain than she.

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    1. 😀 😀

      All righty, here’s the one for Imperfect…
      “I stumbled over to my desk and slid the map into my top drawer. It was still an hour until my alarm was meant to go off, but I couldn’t sleep anymore.
      Maybe I could study.
      I stuffed my mind so full of math formulas for that day’s lesson and every one for the year following, that I managed to make it through breakfast without thinking about my dream again.”

      And Awake…
      “M’lady? M’lady, where are you?”
      She hurried back, nearly plowing into the panicked guard kneeling to track her footprints. “You’ve returned! And just before dark.” She smiled, but the grave look on his face silenced it.

      Enjoy. 😉

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